Edited by Anna Sky, INKED contains eight sexy and provocative stories from Gregory L. Norris, Victoria Blisse, Zak Jane Keir, Harley Easton, Livia Vitali, Alain Bell, Lilya Loring and Katya Harris.

Tattoos are personal and the act of tattooing is deeply intimate.

This collection revels in all manner of ink. From the first-time jitters of Company Ink, to the promise of ritual submission in Commitment, to galaxy-spanning adventure in The Voron-Kali Emperor’s New Clothes, INKED will have you squirming in your seat!

  • Venomous Ink – Sometimes lust gets deep under your skin.
  • Uncovering Heather – Opposites do so much more than attract.
  • Her Midnight Roses – The ultimate Dom looks to get what he deserves.
  • Embody – Some magic markers are more permanent than others.
  • Nine Lives – A top tattoo artist has never forgotten one particular customer. She yearns to uncover his strange secret.
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