Dear Author has stated that any contributions in excess of the amount needed for legal expenses will be donated to the Society of Professional Journalists Legal Defense Fund (

Coming Together: Pro Bono is a collection of erotic fiction to benefit the Dear Author Legal Defense Fund.

In September 2014, the popular review blog Dear Author published a post detailing issues involving Ellora’s Cave, a renowned pioneer in the genre of erotic romance.

The information provided (much of it a matter of public record) did not portray Ellora’s Cave in a favorable light.

Ellora’s Cave reacted by filing a defamation suit against Dear Author and its owner. Soon thereafter, a crowdfunding campaign was created by Smart B*tches to collect donations for the legal defense of Dear Author.

  • Introduction (Barry Eisler)
  • Passive Aggressive Corporate Sex (Daniel Burnell)
  • Blue Heaven (Robert Buckley)
  • Tomorrow’s Much Too Long (Solace Ames)
  • On the Fly (Lynn Townsend)
  • Recycled Dreams (Lefty McGee)
  • Jack (Leigh Ellwood)
  • Recognition (Salome Wilde and Talon Rihai)
  • I Live for It (Peach Robidoux)
  • Aim to Please (Beth Wylde)
  • Innocent Caress (Lefty McGee)
  • We Three Kinks (Emily Ryan-Davis)
  • Facing the Dark (Xan West)
  • Cybersex (Audrey Lusk)
  • Word Count (Lefty McGee)
  • Wanton Sacrifice (Heather Lin)
  • Domestic Discipline (Victoria Blisse)
  • Swoop (Jean Roberta)
  • Defiling Love (Lefty McGee)
  • Nuisance Alligator (Kimber Vale)
  • A Modern Samson (Nobilis Reed)
  • Forbidden Fruit and Honey (Salome Wilde)
  • Queen for a Day (Lefty McGee)
  • Blood on Love (Alessia Brio)
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