You wait ages for a review…

and then three turn up at once. Well, very close together anyway. I’m going to share little bits from them with you.

Firstly lets get festive. Okay, I know, it’s march and none of us want to think about Christmas right now but read it now and file it away for later when you want to find a sweet, sexy something for the season of giving.

Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart was reviewed over at Bitten by Books.

I thought that Jodi and Mike were cute together and their innocence showed in their personalities. It was a bit refreshing to read about two people who really didn’t know how to do very much sexually. They learned together and it made it that more precious.


To read the rest and find out how many tombstones it was awarded (Santa being awarded tombstones just seems wrong somehow, ha!) pop over to Bitten by Books.

Next we move on to Spiced Vanilla, specifically the audio version but the review is just as pertinent to the written version too. Shayna at Joyfully Reviewed had this to say:

Ms. Blisse combines perfect amounts of heat and sweet to deliver a wonderfully satisfying story. Spiced Vanilla is an utterly delicious confection of a story that definitely left me wanting seconds!


To read the rest check out the Spiced Vanilla (audio) Review over at Joyfully Reviewed.

And I have saved the very best ’til last. As grateful as I am when I get a reviewer from a review site reviewer I am all the more delighted when someone who reads one of my works is so touched by it they write their own review even though they might not usually do so. This is one of those kind of reviews for Restoration:

This book is very sexy. I haven’t read anything like this.

It’s beautiful in its exploration. There’s no fear and yet there’s so much insight and dimension to the main character especially…

What I love is anything you can see beforehand in the story ADDS to the sexual tension, it doesn’t take away.


If you pop over to Express Your Kink and read the rest of this Review!

Three different reviews for three very different books and I’m chuffed with all of them! Many thanks to all the reviewers.