Photo by BooBear’s Photography



You deserve love.

Real love.

Not love with exceptions, rejections, limitations.

Not love that belittles and derides

Not love that lets digs and insults slide

Because society says it’s okay to mock others that are born THAT way.

Not love that judges or makes you pretend.

Not entitled love that believes in nothing but its own end,

Rejecting any differences that



Not love that comes at the price of self-sacrifice.

Not love that takes your essence away

That hides all your colours under controlled robes of grey.



You deserve love.

Real love.


Real love

Lets you rage.

Helps you escape from your cage.

Lets you scream.

Yells your battle cry and holds the banner of your passions high.

Lets you let go.

Is proud of you, more proud than you’ll ever know.

Isn’t afraid of your negatives,

Doesn’t try to force you into positives,

Patiently sits with you as you work out how you actually feel.

Lends you vigour when you’ve lost your zeal.

Feels for you when you’re nothing but numb, speaks for you when hurt strikes you dumb.

Grieves with you as long as you do.

No limitations, no expectations just invitations to mourn as you will.

Holds your hand through the tears,

Listens to all your fears.

Offers true sentiments not tired ‘oh dears’.

Takes care of you when you can’t take care.

Anything you need, real love gives you their share.



Real love accepts you,

Celebrates you.

Revels in you.

Is passionate about you.



You deserve Love.

Real love.