You are Beautiful. Yes, you, reading this. Don’t shake your head, I mean it. I don’t care what sex you are, what race, what size. You are Beautiful.

You are Sexy. Yes, you are. Don’t be ashamed of that or embarrassed by it.

Society knocks this belief out of us. You know why? Because companies want us to buy their products. They want you to think you can only be attractive if you wear their clothes, use their make up, perfume or deodorant or lose weight with their miracle pill/diet/rub.

It’s all crap. What makes you gorgeous is YOU. You are unique, you are the only one of you in this entire world and you are beautiful and you are sexy.  It is very empowering to realise that. It’s also difficult.


I am sure you’ve had the same experience I’ve had in your own way. Since I was small I’ve been told I’m not beautiful by the world around me, by society even by people I considered friends. The particular feature of mine that has been constantly picked out as a negative is my weight.  I’m fat, I’ve been told that over and over again since I was a little girl and that has shaped the way I’ve perceived myself.

I didn’t feel beautiful. It was drummed into my head at an early age that being fat means you aren’t pretty. As I got older, developed into my teenage years and onwards I was told that I couldn’t be sexy either. I was fat and fat is ugly. That’s what I was told and that is what I believed.  It knocked all confidence out of me.


Meeting my now husband helped me to embrace my beauty and my sexiness, he adored me, thought I was gorgeous (still does and we’ve been together for I think 18 years now, I’m rubbish with dates *L*) and sexy and I fed off that but even then I wasn’t completely confident in myself. I was confident in the fact that my gorgeous husband loved me.


It’s taken me a long time to even start to believe in myself. It’s my motto for the year. I’m trying hard to embrace my personal beauty and sexiness this year. Why now? Well, about 18 months ago my life changed dramatically. I went from being an author who writes sexy fiction at home, a person happy and confident online to someone who started to embrace her sexiness out there in the real world.


It was a process that crept up on me, to be fair. From my first erotic reading at SH!, to the fun of the two Eroticas I attended and the Alternative and Burlesque Fairs with Smut UK and our own smut events we launched, I started to embrace Victoria Blisse in the real world, not just as an online pen name. 18 months ago though, I met a catalyst who moved the process into Overdrive.  Matt S.    Meeting him meant I met lots of new people and experienced a world of new things. His Coffee Meet introduced me to Jay JW Creative Networker who got me to Club Lash, Twisted Sin and Dr Sketchy. Meeting Matt led me to experiencing Alternative Fashion Fest, visiting  MARS a local fetish club and going on two smut photo shoots where I got to direct the action. It also got us involved with the amazing Sexhibition  where we’re having a huge Smut UK Author Corner this year.


Through meeting  Matt, I got to experience a world of Body Positivity which has helped me embrace who I am and the beauty of that. It’s helped me to express my own sexuality and sensuality , not just through my fiction but as me, out there in the world. To a point where I am now happy to post photos of me wearing relatively little and being tied up and spanked!


So trust me. I know it’s not an easy process but embracing your own beauty and sexiness is well worth it. I am beautiful, I am sexy. You are beautiful and you are sexy. When you realise that, your world opens up.






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Waterolor beautiful girl. Vector illustration of woman beauty salon

Waterolor beautiful girl. Vector illustration of woman beauty salon