XOXO Blog Tour – Interview with Kristina Wright!

So I’ve got a fabulous blog for you today, I’m very excited to announce a visit from Kristina Wright, talented author and editor extraordinaire! She’s here to tell us a little more about her latest anthology release XOXO Sweet and Sexy Romance.


Sensual, sweet and a little bit spicy, this collection of amorous stories is a romance treasure, filled with fun surprises and unusual twists. Award-winning editor Kristina Wright explains, “I love a good love story, especially when it’s one wrapped up in a sexy red bow. Erotic love, the kind that makes your heart beat faster and does exciting things a bit farther south, is what xoxo is all about.” With over thirty top erotic romance writers, including Sommer Marsden, Kathleen Tudor, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Elizabeth Coldwell, Saskia Walker and Cheyenne Blue, these lustfully literary short stories are meant to tease you and please you. xoxo is a veritable candy sampler of delectable delights and inspired ideas to share at home with your sweetie

Why Sweet and Sexy Romance?

Kristina:This is my first short-short anthology for Cleis and includes almost triple the number of stories as one of my usual anthologies, so I wanted the collection to reflect the fun, playful, romantic side of lust. The book is out in time for Valentine’s Day and I think XOXO is like a candy box of chocolates– there are dozens of different flavors of erotic love to try!

What do you think classifies a story as erotic romance not just erotica?

Kristina:For me, erotic romance gives the reader the promise of a happily ever after– or at least a happy for now– with regard to the main characters. We get a sense of the romantic connection, whether it’s a couple who has just met or a long-term married couple rediscovering their lust. Erotica may deal with the emotions and relationship of the characters, but it doesn’t have to.

What is your favourite part of pulling together an anthology?

Kristina:Oh, I love the process from coming up with a new anthology idea to the day the book hits the shelves! It’s a wonderful experience to see how different authors interpret the theme of a collection. I’m also thrilled to discover new authors (new to the genre or new to me) and there’s nothing like sending an author her very first acceptance letter. Curating an anthology is a different form of creation than writing. It’s like putting together a very beautiful puzzle– I have a vague idea of what the final picture will look like and I spend a good chunk of time moving stories around to see where they “fit”– and then, like magic, the picture is revealed to me and it’s just perfect.

Are you a hopeless romantic?

Kristina:I know the answer is supposed to be yes– what else would an erotic romance author say? :-) But I can back it up– I’ve been happily, ecstatically married to my soul mate and the man of my dreams for over twenty-three years. We’re both hopeless romantics.

If a reader enjoys XOXO which other book of yours would you recommend for them to read next?


Kristina:I think XOXO is a terrific introduction not only to my taste in erotic romance, but to the genre in general because there are so many authors included. I’d also suggest readers take a look at the Best Erotic Romance series– the third edition, Best Erotic Romance 2013, is out now and each edition is better than the last!

Thanks so much for having me, Victoria!

My Review

I’m lucky enough to have a copy of this fabulous book and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The stories are super short but are very well written so they feel like a satisfying morsel. The variety is brilliant and all the stories have a wonderful balance of sweet and spicy. They warm your heart and your sexy bits. There’s a healthy dose of humour too which I always approve of and each story is perfectly crafted. There’s not a single dud in the whole collection. A perfect gift for Valentine’s day to share with a loved one or to devour all to yourself!

You can Pick up XOXO from Cleis, Amazon UK, Amazon US and all other good book sellers!