Xciting News.

Hi all. It’s HOT in the north west of England today so I’m melting a little bit. I’m a typical Brit, whatever the weather does I will complain about it! I have it down to a fine art!

Anyway onto the news! I’ve just signed a contract with Xcite for one of my short stories. It’s a sweet, steamy story and will be appearing in an Xcite Anthology, currently I don’t know which one but as soon as I do I will be certain to let you know!

Here’s a little more about it:

Bound and Free. Lisa is finally able to admit that she is turned on by the idea of being bound during a frank discussion in bed with her boyfriend.He instantly indulges her fantasy and she discovers there’s lots of fun to be had when your hands are tied!

If you’d like to indulge yourself in something similar from the lovely Ms Blisse then check out Reluctant Muse which is available at All Romance Ebooks as well Kindle, Sony and iBookstore (just search for me!) via House of Erotica.


Carrie is a shy student who works in a fast food joint to make ends meet. Her boss is a bully and she meets Jamie when he stands up for her. She’s got terrible self esteem problems, but Jamie is an artist and wants to paint her naked. He’s also a dominant and he wants to play with her submissive side. Can Carrie overcome her fears and the ghosts of her past to fully give in to Jamie?

Or if you fancy something with a little bondage, a little spanking and a lot of cakes and chocolate try Spiced Vanilla!


Chocolate, cakes and domination, what more could a girl want?

Emma hadn’t stepped out of her flat in six months. When she did it was the smell of a local patisserie that lured her down the street. Every day she walked to Jacques to admire the cakes and enjoy their scent, then she discovered Jack.

Jack, the patisserie owner and baker is just the dominant, commanding man she wants, but can she learn to accept her submissive nature? Will she indulge her appetite for sexual spice and ignore her good girl guilt or will she resist the temptation and regret it forever?

Now you must excuse me, I’ve got a deadline looming so I better get on with it!