She sees the world a different way

Adjectives, verbs and nouns.

She doesn’t do it on purpose, it’s just how it happens. Don’t be upset but if she over hears your next conversation it may very well end up in one of her books. She’s an author you see but not just any author. No, oh no, the genre she writes in is quite exciting. So your mundane conversation about the price of cucumbers could take on quite the erotic turn in her hands.

She writes smut, filth, titillation or erotica depending on which definition you like best. She enjoys it, she’s good at it, but don’t tell her I said that or she’ll get a big head. And every word she writes just takes on a sexy side. She’s tried to wrote other things it’s just that she can’t leave the damn bedroom door shut. No, her characters go at it everywhere. In the living room, in the kitchen, in the garden or even in the park or on public transport.

Randy buggers.

But she’ll tell you why her words turn to smut when written on the page. It’s because sex is primal and raw. It strips that person naked. Yes, yes, literally naked is usually the thing, though she writes a clothed fuck scene well too but no, she means something on a far more subtle level than that. It’s a mental, physical and spiritual thing. When people fuck they bare their souls or spend a lot of time trying to cover that vulnerability up. Something that could take chapters to unearth and find out in another kind of story can be exposed in a few sentences when love making comes into play.

Any minute now you’re going to ask The Question, I know you are. You’re going to ask if all her stories are based on real life experiences. It’s not something you’d ask a fantasy or crime novelist but no, someone who writes about kinky sex has obviously done every trick in the books. Whips, chains, the lot.

Not so. Like every author she waves words around her personal experiences. A little of her and her experiences bleeds into every piece but that does not mean she’s tried every sexual act in the book. She’s thought of them, tried others the fun comes when you try to work out which is which. Her mind is constantly bubbling. It’s quite amazing really.

She might look into your eyes and steal their unique gaze or shake your hand and appreciate it’s heft and borrow it for her latest creation. As an author she’s a little bit of an igor. She stitches together bits of people, left overs and fleeting impressions to make a new, unique being. One she falls in love with. She falls in love constantly. Each time a new document opens it is the start of her infatuation. The crush moves on to lust, the lust moves into love and is often broken. Her heart torn in two with every syllable typed.

The joy she finds is in the happy ending. She’s a romantic at heart and she makes sure that the guy gets the girl and vice versa in all her works. It makes her smile, satisfies her aching need. And then, when they are satisfied she moves on to the next. She has a voracious hunger than can never be satisfied.

So watch out for her. She’s there, watching and turning your world upside down. She’ll take your words, your being, your very soul and claim it for her own. Don’t avoid her though, the procedure is quite painless, she assures me and is a great deal of fun too.

© Victoria Blisse

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