Word Drain.

I’m suffering from it. I’ve sat here for the last ten minutes staring at the blank page trying to think of something vaguely interesting to write. I’m not the best of bloggers even under perfect conditions but right now it’s nigh on impossible.


I’ve written and edited a 72,629 since the 1st November. I got the majority written in November thanks to NaNoWrimo. But because of the madness of Christmas, I still had A LOT of work to do to hit my end of January deadline. So I’ve been cramming all January. Either writing or editing or sometimes doing both.

Yesterday I finished and today I’m drained, floundering and although I can assure you I have lots to do I can’t seem to focus on anything. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been buried in the world of that story and now I’m not. It’s in the hands of someone else and I’ve got to wait.

I’m not good at this bit. I get very nervous in this bit. All my confidence drains away and as much as I try not to check my email every 5 minutes and then pretend not to be disappointed when there’s not an email from my editor there, it’s all that’s on my mind really.

So the words have drained away, along with my oomph. When I find them again I’ll let you know!