With love on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s day! Let me start by announcing some winners…drum roll please!


So from the Big Blisse Kiss we have three Winners!

Tamsyn has won a copy of Secret Surprise!

Christina Vanderford won the flirt purse, mirror and assorted goodies!

Anne won a copy of Tempting Temps volume 2!

Now from the Absolute Valentine’s Giveaway we have a lucky winner of a copy of Naughty Rendezvous….


Congratulations all, I hope you all love your prizes. I will be in touch via email soon.

So, Valentine’s day. I was always a bit of a fan of it, even back when I was young, single and Valentineless. I had a lot of love to give. I remember one particular year scheming with a lad in my class who my mate fancied. I bought a card and he signed it from her secret Valentine and I got a big box and filled it with a smaller box and then a smaller box and a smaller box until we got down to a tiny box with one cola bottle sweet in it.

She didn’t kill me, though her face when she opened the last box was a picture! I believe she treasured the card, too as she knew her crush had written it for her.

I got an anonymous Valentine’s card back in my first year of sixth form and I haven’t worked out who it was from ever. I suspect it was my friend getting me back for her particular Valentine’s treat but I’ll never know.


Now I get Valentine’s from my husband and my daughter. It’s a lovely day of the year that we all look forward too. It’s not about how much money is spent or how many presents we get but it’s a day where we celebrate our love as a family. I am blessed with a witty, clever and kind daughter and a husband who always has something funny to cheer me up, who lets me monopolise the remote control and who is always there for me whatever I need.

So this Valentine’s day count your blessings and say I love you to all the people you care for. Why not? I think it best to always take any excuse to show your love to others, it brightens up your day and theirs.

Now, onto the raunchy stuff! No, not you Mr Blisse, that’ll be later once the daughter’s in bed. *whistles* No, I just want to mention the hot, sexy anthology I am in with 3 little hot shot stories to whet your appetite.


Valentine’s day is the perfect time for some furtive fumbling and secret sauciness. This amazing collection of nine erotic stories all with a valentine’s theme is sure to get your heart thumping, your blood pumping and your pulse racing. Written by some of the adult and romantic fiction world’s best-loved authors, this special digest is a Valentine’s treat that can be enjoyed all year round!

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It’s the perfect present for yourself or a lover.