Win another bit of Blisse.

Hello all. Today I am going to give away another ebook but first of all lets congratulate Heather M from Facebook who’s comment has won her a copy of Restoration!

Now, on to today’s Read an eBook week giveaway and as it’s Thursday I thought I would go for a Thursday Threesome. So today’s giveaway is Sexier Side of the Hill.

And now for a very, very hot Threesome excerpt:

“It’s your turn now.” Paul grinned as he pulled me down onto a wide bench beside him.
“I don’t think I have any swellings.” I laughed, a little confused by the circumstances.
“No, but I think you have a leak.” Simon sat beside me and leant in, his hand trailed down over my stomach and his fingers plucked at the button on my jeans. “Oh, I didn’t think anyone could tell.”
“Don’t be embarrassed, madam.” Paul nodded. “We’re good at what we do. I’m sure no one else would have noticed.” He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and casually rested a thick hand on my breast as his friend eased down my zip and slipped his fingers inside.
“Oh, yes her knickers are soaked,” Simon reported. He looked straight past me to Paul, and I felt a strange thrill at being examined like a car or a piece of meat. “Let me check.” Paul’s voice quavered and let me know they weren’t as detached as they attempted to appear. His fingers replaced his friend’s. They felt stubbier and rougher as they were forced between my pussy’s lips, pressing the damp material between my sensitised folds. The seagulls above us cried out with lusty abandon. I wished I could too but I was in public again. Although it seemed no one else was braving the wind, someone could walk past at any moment.
“I need to find the source of the leak and deal with it,” he explained.
“And I need to help,” Simon added as his fingers snaked under the black material, too. I stretched my thighs as their fingers fought and sought, arousing me as they groped and grabbed, squeezed and stroked.
“I’ve found it,” Paul gasped. His finger slipped between my slick lips and sunk into my clutching hole. “

If you want to win a copy of this sexy story then simple leave a comment here on the blog (maybe tell me your idea of the perfect fantast threesome) or tweet about this blog at twitter or leave a comment on my post over at facebook. Three chances to win, it’s as simple as that. I’ll announce the winner in tomorrows blog.