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Hey folks. Hoave you visited The Romance Review’s YES! party yet? There’s loads of prizes to be won and if you go over today you could win a copy of Silver Screen Dream! Just scroll down the page to the questions, find my extra super easy one, answer it and boom, you’re in with a chance of winning, wooo!


Now once you’ve done this I’d really appreciate you popping over to this page on the TRR site. Why? Well I am pleased to announce that Silver Screen Dream has been nominated for the Best Erotica Paranormal Romance story in the Magic and Fantasy Category. How cool is that?

All you have to do is scroll down to ‘Best Erotic PNR, Magic and Fantasy’ and vote, you’ll have to be logged in but it’s terribly simple and I really appreciate every vote!

Here’s a Sexy Excerpt from Silver Screen Dream to thank you for your vote!


“Hey, Laura, I’m so glad you came.”

I looked away from the richness of the room and saw him. He was on the modern, square-shaped and clean-lined sofa, and in contrast to its flat, cream cushions, he was naked and his dark toffee-colour skin just called out to be licked.

“Wow, you’re naked,” I said then internally berated myself for saying something so obvious.

“Yes, and you have too many clothes on.”

I laughed nervously. “Well, it is a bit nippy out there to have arrived in only my birthday suit.”

“I understand,” he smiled, “but it’s warm here. Disrobe for me.”

I looked at him, my heart thumping, and he added one word that melted all my worries and resolve.

“Please?” His wide, blue eyes shone with desire.

Like a rudderless boat on the Indian Ocean, I was powerless to resist their pull.

I gently nodded my head and shrugged my denim jacket off my shoulders. I thought it was a good place to start, but after that I felt a little lost. What was I meant to do next? I noticed for the first time there was some low and soft music playing, and I started to sway to the beat. I walked forward a few steps and glanced towards Rahul. He nodded encouragingly and stretched himself out along the length of the sofa. I was not struck by the length of the sofa, though, but something else long, hard and inviting. I needed him.

I closed my eyes and swayed. I slipped the simple canvas shoes from my feet and stepped forward. I just let the rhythm of the music run through me. All the women in Bollywood films could can dance, they’d shimmy and shake at the drop of a lotus blossom. I knew it wasn’t so terribly simple, but I guessed if I moved to the music it would look something like dancing, and if I took off my clothes Rahul would be too distracted to notice my lack of coordination.

I had slipped on a casual dress, one of only a few I owned, which had a floral pattern and buttons down the front. I encouraged the first button open with trembling fingers and kept my hips swinging. I opened my eyes to check on Rahul. He was still naked, still watching me and still very much aroused.

I gulped and undid the next button. The atmosphere was heavy, I could almost feel the tension draped over us like a sheet. My fingers shook and not just with nerves. I was anxious, excited and above all eager. I wanted to be free of my dress and draped across Rahul. I couldn’t wait to feel his naked flesh against mine. I was sure it was something of which I would never grow tired. I knew it was something I wanted to experience as much as I could so I would always be able to conjure up the memory.

When I reached my waist, I stopped undoing buttons and worked on shimmying my way out of the sleeves. Rahul moaned appreciatively when my bra-encased breasts jiggled as I pulled my arms free of the flower-patterned material. Once my upper body had been released, the rest of the dress hung on my hips. I had a decision to make.

I decided to lose the bra. I was pretty confident about the beauty of my chest, but I was not a fan of my stomach and thighs. I wanted to leave them hidden for as long as possible.

Now, some women can take off a bra with a click of a finger and a shuffle. I am not that kind of woman. I tried really hard to just sexily reach behind me and loosen the hooks and reveal my not-so-secret feminine weapons. I just couldn’t seem to get a proper hold on the fastening, though, and I am pretty certain my contortions were not sexy.

“Come here, Laura. I’ll get that for you.” He smiled and beckoned me over with his finger.

“Oh, okay, thanks.” I stepped closer and turned my back to him. He gently brushed my skin with his fingers as he popped open the hooks with very little effort. I wanted him to keep on touching me, but he withdrew his hands and I let the bra slip down my arms and threw it on the floor.

“Turn around,” he whispered.

With a cheeky shake and a giggle, I did, but I kept my arms clamped across my front so he could not get a proper look at my naked tits.

“Oh, now, you’re not playing fair.” He pouted.

“You only asked me to turn around.” I played innocent and kept my arms in front of me. “You didn’t say I should expose my boobies.”

Rahul laughed loudly. “You’re funny. But if I ask you to, will you lower your arms to your sides?”

“If you ask, I will.” I dropped my gaze coyly, worried he would gauge the depth of the sincerity in my eyes.

“Please, Laura, move your arms so I can see your beautiful breasts.”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied breathily. I honestly couldn’t tell you what led me to call him Sir. It just seemed right. I wanted him to command me to do other things. I wanted to feel the rush of following his demands to see what his desires would be. I suppose I wanted to be freed of my responsibility and to make his needs my master. That was sexy. I stood before him, hands by my sides, my head bowed. After what felt like forever for me, he spoke.

“Remove the rest of your clothes and come here.”

I complied once I’d managed to get my fingers to work properly. I wrestled a few more buttons loose, and my dress dropped to the floor. I pulled the necklace, the amulet Rahul had sent to me, from around my neck and set it down on the coffee table. Next, I tucked my thumbs in my knickers and teased them down over my thighs. I felt naughty and very sexy stripping there in front of someone—not just anyone, either, but a Prince of Bollywood, a hero of the silver screen. There was still a little part of my brain that expected me to wake up at any moment. It just couldn’t possibly all be real. It was too good to be true.

“Wow,” he gasped as I stepped out of my underwear and straightened up once more. “You are stunning. Come here.” I strode forward confidently. Everything seemed so easy because I had decided to follow his instructions. I no longer had to think, I no longer had to fight my own negativity. I just had to do what he told me to do. It was thrilling. “Your skin is so pale,” he whispered and trailed his fingertips down over my hip. “It’s like ice cream, and I just want to lick you all over.”

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