So, I’ve been thinking about my author logo, I know you’ve all seen it many times!

A good friend created this for me and I have always been awed by how he took my very airy-fairy ideas and came up with something so sexy, so British and so me! I’d tell you who he is but he wishes to remain anonymous but I thank him every time I see my logo for the work he did on it.

One thing I very definitely wanted in my logo was a lilac rose.


Did you know that there is a secret language of roses? Well, there is!

Now we all know that Red roses are a symbol of love

It’s actually a symbol of romantic love.


It’s a Victorian phenomenon where people would send secret messages via floral arrangements. It was a way to express emotions that one really couldn’t voice in respectable company.



So I picked out the Lilac rose for a reason. Here’s the meaning of a lilac rose:

Lilac roses indicate the sender has fallen in love at first sight with the recipient and is enchanted.

I want readers to fall in love with my work at first sight, to become enchanted with Blisse.


Has my lilac rose trick worked on you?