Why I love my Curves

Here I am going to share with you five reasons I love my curvy body just the way it is.

1, I’m soft and giving. I’m not hard edged or angular, I am soft and easy on the eye and if I fall I have padding so it doesn’t hurt so much!

2, I give good hugs. When you hug me you feel enveloped in soft, curvy goodness, I give like your favourite duvet and you don’t worry you might break me by squeezing too tight. And of course other bodily contact with me feels really good too. ;)

3, Cleavage. I have a lot of it and it makes me feel really sexy when I wear tops that reveal the creamy white tops of my breasts. I feel incredibly womanly especially when guys are staring into my cleavage!

4, More to grab. I’ve got hips that are a joy to hold, breasts that spill out of my hands and my husband loves every last grabable curve of me!

5, I am all woman. I’m never going to be mistaken for a man or a girl or a tent pole. I am all woman and you can’t miss that fact. I feel so feminine no matter what I wear because I have curves that stick out and I’m very proud of them!

So ladies, why do you love your curves and gents why do you love curvaceous women?

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  • I love your attitude, especially so on this subject. Confession: when I met you I had an overwhelming urge to cuddle you.

  • Thanks Pallavi :)

    Deanara, a wonderful comment and one I found myself nodding along to as I read it. :)

  • I love that I am neither small enough to ever be considered frail and diminuitive, nor large enough to be considered Amazon. I love that I am strong, that I am able to use my strength to my advantage to carry me through numerous adventures. I love the size and volume of my breasts; I have come to love the curve of my hip as it undulates outwards from my waist. And if I don’t quite love my curvy thighs yet, I love that they are strong and tolerate all the abuses I’ve put them through.

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