Where to find me.

This may seem a bit obvious to some of you but there may be people who visit me here who don’t know where else to find me in the great big world of t’internet.

So where can you find me? Firstly look me up on your favoured form of social media!




Okay, On to other haunts for the Blisse.

It’s no secret that I love a good snog, heck we have a Sunday Snog here every week. Well I know have a website dedicated to kissing. It’s called Blisse Kiss and has links to 2012’s Sunday snogs and some hot, tasty and FREE flash fiction snogs for you to enjoy.


You must visit me there on the 12th February for the biggest and bestest Sunday Snog ever! There’s going to be prizes and kisses and it’s going to be awesome. So don’t miss out on The Big Blisse Kiss!

Also I guest blog all over the net but on the 16th of every Month you can find me over at the Total-E-Bound blog called Hitting The Hotspot and every other day of the month is filled with awesome blogs from other Total-E-Bound authors so it’s well worth checking out.


Now last but not least My latest venture with my lovely hubby and Lucy Felthouse is smutbythesea.co.uk which is the beginnings of a plan for a brilliant event for erotica readers and authors alike in Scarborough on the East coast of England in 2013. While you are seaside, you can have the writers at Article Writing Services write free content for your blog.

First however we’re putting together a hot anthology of short seaside stories, check out the call for submissions here.

So there you go, I’m really easy to find! :)