Where does her mind go

when she thinks of me?

What titillates her thought processes?

Does her brain imagine the same caresses mine does?

Do my clothes disappear with a mental click of the fingers

or does she take her time

to reveal me?

Is she too eager?

Does she fuck me around what I wear?

Buttons undone,

fingers raked down my flesh lustfully,

ripped away underwear,

discarded without care

Or thought.

Just feel

just mental frenzy

just carnal creativity


Is it more calculated than that?


Slow seduction,

gentle kisses burning hotter

With each breath.

slipping lower,

hands sliding up and over

roving across unexplored lands of fantasy.

Hills and valleys

thoroughly toured and adored,

sensuality comprehensively explored.

Toe to tip,

belly button and collar bone dip.

Just a sip

at my wet core

Or more, more, more?

A deluge of arousal juices

smeared across her lips, her cheeks, her chin.

fingers curled within

Holding me on the brink

until I sink

into ecstasy.


Does she take what she wants from me?

Bends me to her will.

Holds me down (She knows I’d like it)

covers me in bites and scratches.

Uses me

Over and over,

harder and harder

making me her toy.

Leaving her orgasm

on me, in me, over me.

It’s just my luck

to be her fantasy fuck.

Sweet Thing, where DOES your mind go?



Lustitude The Meme