When We Danced

You took my hand and led me to dance

In so many styles.

Joyful waltzes in the public eye

Spinning and laughing as the train times

scrolled by.

To and fro in the supermarket aisles

Making me blush around ecstatic smiles.

Intimate sways

Amongst queers and gays

As the lights flashed

And the songs played.

I sung in your ear,

Revering you dear

As my goddess, my desire.

My heart on fire.

As we melted into each other’s embrace.

I kissed your face

And you left your make up on mine.

Alone we would dance

To a more primal beat.

Frozen in fear

As you growled in my ear

Pinned down as you ravaged me

To vibrating,


Heart-shaking lust.

I would follow where you lead

A slave to the rhythm

Your composition.

That spoke without words to my heart.

The tip of your whip

Made me squeal and dip.

Shifting left and right

Through pain and fright

Each strike pulled a new note

From my throat

As I sung

To the rhythm you swung.

Your blade on my skin

Traced patterns so thin

Like a skate on ice

Across my flesh sacrifice

As I held so still

Your knife edge danced to the thrill.

At your hand

At your command

I moved with grace

a slap to the face.

a fist to my chest

a bite on my breast

a kick to my thigh

spit in my eye

Humiliation and power moved me

To the music you beat on me

To the love that you gave to me

I felt so free.

When we danced.