I was a bit clueless when it came to Art Jam. My favourite flavour is blackcurrant normally. However, I headed over to Mantra live at Wellington Mill to check it out, knowing that the awesome Dr Sketchy Manchester were going to be there. I was greeted with stalls, and artwork and the smell of spray paint. There was live music and art going on all over the place. It was thoroughly awesome.




I enjoyed bits  of the art jam as I waited for Dr Sketchy’s to get going. And it started with a bang, a pole dance-off  that showcased some amazing skills. I was especially impressed by the aptly named Flexi Lexi who held the splits for ages as we sketched.



my sketch doesn’t do her justice really. My sketches never do. I always wanna apologise for them! There was some awesome belly dancing from Kitty Retsnom  next and I got to show off my oral skills. Honestly, I should take up drawing with my mouth all the time. I’m much better at it!


We got treated to some more pole goodness with the amazing Bea Noir, she hung upside down and looked as comfortable as a bat doing so. The mind boggles, it really does.





Sorry Bea, I told you I can’t draw :p After a break they brought on the FIRE! And lots of it. Always a treat, and it was nice way to warm up the room as it was getting colder by the minute!


Kitty did some belly dancing with fire…now there’s a hot combo (see what I did there!) I really enjoyed her act.


And then Bea had a play with her fire sword. By gum,I’d not like to get in her way when she’s wielding that thing!

It was another fun evening of amazing performances combined with the cheeky compering of the cheeky Jay himself and opportunities to draw (or attempt to draw in my case) which I thoroughly enjoyed. Are you coming to Smut Manchester on the 24th October? You get to attend a Sketchy for FREE oh yes. Get your Smut Manchester tickets now if you haven’t already.



And then on the 29th Dr Sketchy gets Sppoooooooookkkky! Make sure to check it out. See you there :)