What did you get?

Hello all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas or a pleasant weekend if you don’t celebrate. :) My Christmas was lovely and I got lots of lovely gifts with 2 running themes to them all. They were either owls or something to keep me warm, well, with a few exceptions. :)


Firstly, the owls. They came in all shapes and sizes including two lovely snuggly Owl Cushions and a hand made felt one with lovely bright feathers and a pocket on his chest for me to keep my important knick-knacks in. I got an owl cookie cutter and an owl necklace and some handmade salt dough owl ornaments too.

And yes, I do love owls! :)

The next theme covered warmth and ran from socks, thermal socks to blankets! Having no thyroid (it was removed a few years ago) I find it a challenge to stay warm in the winter so my lovely family have bought me lots of things to keep me warm, all of which are very appreciated!

Oh, and today I got a late Christmas present in the shape of a lovely Review for Uniform Behaviour from KD Grace and my smutty cleaning lady gets a mention, Woo!!

So what did you get? Leave me a comment and be sure to put your email address into the relevant box (not in the main body of the comment, I don’t want you getting spammed!) as I will send YOU a gift. Oh yes, every person who comments will get a copy of my short story Christmas Cake so you can eek out the festive spirit!

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