changelessYesterday I did a lot of reading. I’m half way through Changeless by Gail Carriger. It’s a brilliant book, the second in the series. Well worth checking out if you like paranormal stories and/or historicals as it’s got a bit of both!

So what are you reading? I’m reading on my brand new kindle (which I love, btw) what are you using to do your reading? An e-reader or good’ol print?

Whoever comments on this post can chose one of my back catalogue and I’ll email it to you to read at your leisure. Now the madness of Christmas is over you all deserve a treat! Just tell me what you’re reading and what Blisse book you’d like to read and I’ll email it over to you tomorrow! This contest will close at 7am GMT (around 1am EST I believe) so get your comments in quick!