What are Pervertables? #SmutSunday @TalkSmut


Pervertable. That’s a weird word. Firstly, how is it pronounced? It’s Pervert-able. Not Perver- table. Although a table can be a pervertable. Confused yet? Okay, so here’s a definition from Kinkly.com “Pervertables are common household objects which can be used as sex toys.”  So you can seen where the name comes from. They’re everyday items that you pervert for a kinky purpose!

A common example is a spatula or even a wooden spoon that doubles up nicely as a spanking paddle. Right, got the idea now? Excellent. Once you think about the possibility of perverting items for kinky play you suddenly start to see opportunities all around you. Ice is great to cool a drink but what about using it to chill your lover? That hairbrush gets the knots out of your hair but it could also spank the brattiness out of your partner too.

Sex toys  and BDSM equipment can be so expensive and although there are some things you need/want/have to buy it’s good to have some things in your kit bag that cost next to nothing -especially if you have them at home already.  Of course, you’ve got to be sensible as you start out making your own DIY sex toys. I mean, making a DIY vibrator is much more difficult than just strapping a motor to a cucumber (not recommended btw) so where do you start?

Well, funnily enough, we at Smut.UK have one of our Erotic Experiences happening on Saturday 1st July 1-6pm at Miss T’s in Stockport and it’s theme is Pervertables! How’s that for a coincidence, eh? ;) We’d love to see you there. We’ve gathered a panel of Doms and proud sadists  including Miss Tillysue (who owns and runs Miss T’s) Animal (Staff Dom) and Sensei (Smut’s resident dom and all round wicked man) who will show off their pervertables and answer all your questions about what to pervert and what not to pervert!

There will also be the amazing Erotic Tombola to play on and maybe Nedd will bring his Balls for the kinkiest lucky dip you’ve ever seen too. As well as plenty of time to play in the well equipped dungeon ad to ask any and all questions to our helpful panel of Doms. It doesn’t matter if you want practical advice or help researching a scene for your next story, they’re happy to help.  And of course there will be lots of time for socialising as well.

The event costs just £5 and tickets are available online now at Smut Pervertables page or you can pay on the day.  If you’re on Fetlife you can mark yourself as going on our Fetlife event page which will help us immeasurably. If you’re on facebook you can join the event page there too. Woo.

Now, I’m sure your mind is wheeling with ideas of things to pervert but before you race of to raid the kitchen drawers check out the rest of today’s Smut Sunday offerings to get you even more revved up and ready to go!