This morning I am going to share an Excerpt from Scentsual with you all.

Scarborough is my favourite holiday destination and I love to use it as a setting in my books. I also enjoy playing with a dominant woman every now and again and Kelly is a great Dom who finds a lovely submissive in Rob. This is a quick and interesting little tale of lust and passion and most of all it emphasises the sense of smell at all turns. It is a feast for your olfactory senses!

“Don’t worry,” I purred as I walked towards him. “I’ll not hurt you.” I wrapped my arms around him and gently, quickly, kissed his lips, “Not too much, anyway.”

He groaned and I held him tighter. I pulled his body close to mine as our mouths reacquainted themselves.

“Now, while I lay out my new toys, why don’t you strip for me?” I was back in control of my emotions and desperate to get at his naked body.

“Yes, Mistress.” I felt my pussy stiffen with the excitement of those words. I took items out of the bag, one by one. The flogger came first, with that new, almost astringent leather smell. It would soon take on a better scent, from being used on such a cute behind. I glanced to the side to see Rob losing his t-shirt. His chest was taut and covered in a light smattering of dark hair. I could smell more of him now, masculine and musky. His scent was coming through with a light, lemon tang from his aftershave. I was intoxicated.

Next I pulled out the paddle. I love the smell of wood and I held it up to my face and inhaled the sharp varnish smell before placing it on the end of the bed next to the flogger.

His jeans were down around his ankles when I next looked. He had taken off his shoes and now he was close to removing his black boxers. I felt my stomach leap with excitement.

I pulled open the plastic packaging on the butt plug. It has it’s own special arousal, that smell of new plastic and latex. It stings the nostrils, but promises such delicious delights that it seems to soothe the senses.

I untangled the red, satin ties. They had a subtle scent of cleanliness and I placed them down on the bed, eagerly glancing around. I was delighted to see him naked. He stood tall, looking straight ahead, cheeks flushed with embarrassment and excitement. His whole body was stiff with anticipation.

His cock was magnificent. Long and eager, it was neither a monster nor a tiddler. It looked just about perfect to me. Deep pink, it bobbed beneath my gaze. I wanted to bury my head in his crotch right then, to smell his manliness, to inhale the musk of his penis, but I held back. Later; there was time for that later. Right now I needed to perform some arousing alchemy. I needed to deliciously combine our scents.

Not a word was spoken as I unbuttoned my blouse and discarded it. I kicked off my shoes, then sat on the bed to pull off my socks. I smelt ripe as I pulled off my trousers. I could smell my arousal as it blended with my light apple fragrance. It was more tempting than hot apple pie and custard.