I’ve talked a lot about church in my last two weekly walk blogs and I’m keen to show folks that Christianity isn’t all about church, that it is part of my whole life. But today’s post starts at church again. Well, just after church really. I was waiting at the bus stop when David, a guy I’d met briefly during the church service ran up to me and offered me a lift.

Now, folks, I’m not saying you should accept lifts from Strangers, but I trusted this guy instinctively and when he explained he had a radio show, and his guest for the night had pulled out last minute and would I like to fill in, I was even happier to accept the lift. I found out that David was also known as Reverend David Gray. Among the many hats he wears, he has a radio programme, Punk Monk and the Angel on North Manchester radio 106.6 FM.

So to make a long story shorter, I found myself on the radio Sunday evening, around 9 hours after I met David at church. Funnily enough one of the themes of the service had been Taking Risks and doing new things. Well, I was all of a sudden doing exactly that.


You can listen to the interview online, click on the links for the 16th Feb at Punk Monk and the Angel’s Listen Again to hear the whole thing.

What did I talk about? Well, I mentioned Really Cooking being 77p, the fun of Smut by the Sea and plugged my website and such a few times. In between all that David and I discussed the Church and acceptance, how it’s important for people to be honest about who they are, especially in church even if that does get a bit messy. We discussed guilt, Belle Vue, sex and spirituality and how much the two things overlap and repeatedly told the world how grand St Agnes’s is.

It was a fun couple of hours and I was surprised when David told me we were up to the last song, it had sped by.

love never fails

So this week’s weekly walk is all about taking risks, being brave and honest and true to who you are. That’s not something that’s very easy for me. I’m a laid back type, often heard to say ‘anything for an easy life’ and a natural born worrier. I don’t like to upset people, I get very upset by confrontation and really, I just want everyone to get along. I think before I jump and often analyse something to death before doing it.

I am going to embrace my impulsiveness, strap on my crash helmet and grab every opportunity that comes my way. Well, I’m going to try to anyway. Meeting David and speaking on his radio station was a great start. I gave out business cards to two ladies talking about 50 shades the other day too -what have I got to lose? I wouldn’t have done that before, I’d have been too scared of what they’d think. I’m starting to realise what ‘they’ think isn’t the most important thing, not by a long chalk.