Autumn has well and truly arrived here in the UK and it’s time for boots, jumpers and wooly hats. I was out the other day in the wind and the rain and waiting for a bus. I spend a lot of my time waiting for various modes of public transport and so I get plenty of opportunity to let my mind wander.

On this occasion I was seated opposite a row of trees and as I observed them bending in the cold, autumnal wind I thought: I feel a bit like one of those trees at the moment.

As I’m pondering the battering breezes of life one of the leaves off one of the trees flew off.

Soon winter will be here and that tree will be completely bare.

It was a rather depressing thought especially considering I was imaging myself as one of those trees. I continued to run the idea around my brain and something came to me.

There will always be a Spring.

The tree was being battered, it would eventually end up completely stripped bare but eventually spring will arrive and that tree will be covered in leaves once again. And there will always be Spring. After every battering, after every cold winter the warmth will come back and life will spring anew. Pretty blossoms of positivity will abound.


It was a real encouragement actually. Now when I look at the trees I can almost see their spring appearance in my mind’s eye. Winter will be finished soon enough.