I’m still working on Steve’s Point Vamp Story so I’m very into vampires…So here’s a nibble of Vampire goodness for you to snack on while you wait!

“Hello darling, I’ve been expecting you.” A beautiful woman with bouncing curls and bouncing other attributes walked over from her position by the roaring log fire. No wonder she was so close to it, all she wore was a particularly flimsy nightgown. It may have covered her to the ankles but I could see every sweet curve of her body through the shimmering material.

“Oh, I didn’t realise you were bringing a guest.” She stuttered, her cheeks flushed.

“Sorry Elizabeth, I took pity on this newbie as I walked past. I’m showing him the ropes.”

“Oh, okay,” She sighed, “I’d better go then.”

“No, darling, no, you stay here, you’re part of the tour.” He strode away from me to stand behind her,

“I am?” She gasped which caused her chest to move in a very arousing way and I found out my vamp cock loves a pretty woman just as much as my human cock did.

“Oh yes, this guy doesn’t yet know a thing about how stuff works here, we’re going to give him a demonstration.” Hugh pulled her hair back, exposed her neck then kissed along its white perfection. Not only was I aroused, I was hungry. I could sense the blood beating through her just under the skin and I so desperately wanted it, to drain it from her.
“Hugh, I shouldn’t be here. I can’t cope, I am so hungry and I so want to bite your delicious-”

“Wife,” Hugh smiled as he filled in the gap in my sentence.

“wife, thank you. And I know if I start I won’t stop. I don’t like this, I don’t want to be a vampire, I didn’t ask for it.”

I had started to storm off when Elizabeth spoke up. I was surprised, so I stopped in my tracks and turned round.
“Don’t go, we can help you, really we can. If you leave now you’re going to end up killing a person and you’ll regret it. If you stay we can show you a way to satisfy yourself without the violence and the death.”

“How does that work?” I asked, my brows furrowed.

“It’s a little something called the ten second rule,” Hugh said, “Come back over here, sit down and we’ll show you.”
A lot of whispering ensued. I got the feeling Elizabeth wasn’t a hundred per cent happy at first but Hugh seemed to convince her it was all going to be okay.

“He’s only going to watch,” He said.

She nodded her acquiesce.

“Okay, so-actually, what is your name?”

“Rick,” I replied.

“Rick, I’ve been a vampire for a long time,” Hugh ran a hand down his wife’s back. “A long, long time and I learnt something quite brilliant once many years ago.” Hugh’s huge hands cupped at Elizabeth’s juicy, ripe breasts and I felt my jaw loosen as I watched on in amazement.

“Blood tastes better when the person you are drinking from is sexually aroused.” He spun her round to face him at dizzying speed and kissed her. I couldn’t believe that I was watching what I was watching. I wasn’t only an inexperienced vampire, this was the closest I’d ever gotten to a near naked woman.

Seconds later she was naked and sprawled across the bed. Hugh was on top of her and I wasn’t sure if I’d just been forgotten about. I was contemplating leaving when Hugh stopped kissing and rubbing his wife and spoke to me again.

“Come closer, Rick and see what I mean.”

I shuffle a few steps forward and look a little embarrassed. I’d have bright red cheeks but apparently it’s not something vampires suffer with. Another new discovery. I was on a steep learning curve, that was for sure.
“No, no, come right over here, sit on the bed, you won’t be able to tell a thing from over there.”
I looked down at Elizabeth and she nodded then beckoned me over with a finger. So I sat on the bed and I felt my stomach lurch with desire.

“Yes, you can feel it can’t you?” Hugh smiled then kissed down his wife’s neck to her breasts, “it’s intoxicating isn’t it?” And slipped lower over her stomach. It was powerful, I could smell her and it drove me wild.

“You can sense the blood as it rushes around her veins, you can smell her arousal and Rick, I can tell you a vampire is still all man in one certain department. Sex is just the same whether you’re a man or a vamp.”

“Sex?” I gasped. Could I get much more lame?

“Yes, sex. Now hush and watch. The magic is going to happen soon.”

© Victoria Blisse

If you haven’t read The Point yet you might want to pick it up as Hugh and Elizabeth feature in it, it’s the story of their meeting actually! There’s also other Point Vamp stories for you to enjoy if you’ve not discovered them yet!