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Hello all, happy Monday.

Today kicks off my virtual book tour!

I’m over at the Blog of Helen Hardt. Telling you all about my Hero, John from Getting Intimate. If you pop over and leave a comment you’ll be put in a draw to win a signed copy of Curvaceous!

If you want, you can follow me around the web and read several interviews, a few recipes and some other interesting Getting Intimate themed blog posts from me at all these different blogs:

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I’m really excited, it’s like going on my holidays from the comfort of my sofa!

Now, on to another unlikely Hero. Today, Over The Moon was released from Total-E-Bound in Print.

Lowell is the hero of this piece, but you’d never guess it. He is a Werewolf who hates what he turns into every full moon. He hides away from the world, convinced that he will hurt someone if he doesn’t. That is until he meets Jenny and then everything gets out of control.

Lowell always looked forward to his Friday meal in the canteen. It was simple and satisfying, and it helped him feel normal. Normal people went to the canteen for their lunch. All right, he timed it so there wouldn’t be many people around, but it still made him normal, he’d convinced himself of that.

He had lived in isolation for about five years. He could not risk being around people at all. Once a month, he turned into a hungering, insane beast, and he couldn’t risk anyone being close enough to him to get hurt. He was beginning to enjoy being alone. Who needed social interaction, anyway? Other people only had annoying opinions and boring lives that they insist on telling you all about. He had thoroughly convinced himself he was best off alone with only his computer and the servers for company. They were pretty predictable and easy to deal with, to boot.

At first, he was purely irritated that some woman was taking her lunch break so late. She breezed into the canteen with her shapely body and bouncy, red curls and filled the room with her sweet, apple blossom scent. It really put a guy off his rhythm.

However, when she asked if she could sit beside him, he found her impossible to resist. She had been a pretty girl from a distance, but close to, she was beautiful. Her eyes were this deep, seductive emerald green, and they glinted like real jewels, and she smelt good enough to eat. Her red hair just called to his fingers, they wanted to stroke and grab and pull at it. Her skin was pure and milky, and she had the kind of curves men only dreamt about.

The conversation did not flow as well as Lowell wanted it to. He was obviously a lot rustier than he’d imagined. He couldn’t believe Jenny had been at his school and knew who he was. He was sure if he’d seen such a beauty back then he’d have smoothly chatted her up but then he remembered how he’d really been in school and realised if she hadn’t hung with his crowd, he wouldn’t have noticed her at all. He had been such a dickhead back then.

Somehow, though, he managed to invite her on a kind of standing date, and she accepted. Lunch down in the dungeons was not the most romantic of places, but Lowell was determined to do his best to get to know that girl a little better.

It wasn’t until he’d left the room and her scent began to fade that Lowell started to think straight. He was not allowed to get close to anyone, least of all a pretty girl. Had he never seen horror films? It was always the pretty girls that died the gruesome deaths.

To read the rest of my Story Moon shy you need to pick up a copy of Over The Moon.

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