I had such an amazing time at Eroticon that it’s hard for me to know where to start. I have come up with a way to split it up so that you’re not reading a seven billion word long round up.  So this is part one of a three part report. For this one, I have my Erotic author head on.

Camden Lock taken in Daylight.

I’ve not been to Eroticon for a couple of years because it’s fallen on dates I’ve not been able to make. I wasn’t sure precisely what it’d be like, with Molly, Michael and Girl on the Net taking over. I was very impressed when I arrived on the Friday to start setting up the book stall as everything was calm and under control. I was even more impressed later at the Glass room in the Holiday Inn where the attendees were gathering for the Friday night social. An amazing venue!

It was lovely to catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages and to make friends with some new folks too. A good way to ease into the weekend with a gorgeous view out over the canal as a bonus!

To be fair, I didn’t expect to get a whole lot out of the weekend for the writer side of me because I was there to run the book stall.  I expected to be on the outside looking in a bit, to be fair. But that didn’t happen.

For a start, I was giving a workshop on the Saturday morning on Sensual erotica. When I was asked if I’d need a screen for power point or anything I replied ‘Oh no, I’ve got my grapes.’ Victoria Blisse rocking it old school.

Judging if a workshop is actually working as you present it is almost impossible. I was quite nervous about it right up until the end when I got some really lovely feedback from attendees, phew. I also had a go at the writing challenge myself.  Here’s what I came up with:


At first glance, it’s just a small, purple lobe. Uninteresting and plain. Look closer and it is a world of shades and colours. Not perfect, but appealing.

You just want to squeeze it. And if you do you feel the fullness of the aching ripeness waiting to break forth.

There is anticipation. So light in the hand, how can it be so satisfying in the mouth?  Squeakily quiet, it doesn’t speak, not like a zesty orange or a crisp, crunchy apple. The grape is silent and it’s only your chewing you hear. But the Juice! It breaks forth in a hurried gush, an orgasm of moistness, an explosion of sweet, tangy sharpness of almost wine but not quite.

Don’t judge this fruit by it’ appearance. Its beauty is within.

I didn’t go to any of the other writerly workshops, which is a shame. I’ve heard that they were amazing but I got inspiration right there at my stall by chatting to  authors, writers and bloggers (many of us attendees are all 3) because there is nothing like talking to people who completely understand the joys and challenges you face in your writing.  And Sex writing has its own very unique challenges that only other sex writers really understand.

The writer in me was really delighted by the Saturday night entertainment but especially by the amazing burlesque of Rubyyy Jones. Wow. That woman is an amazing entertainer, full of energy and so very, very beautiful. I’m sure I’m going to write a character full of verve and vigour inspired by her very, very soon.

Sunday was a quieter day, as always happens. So I headed into the kinkcraft workshop because I can’t resist a bit of crafting and if it’s kinky it’s all the better. You might not think I’d get much for my writer side in a craft workshop but I did because I was sat with other writers. It’s brilliant. When you get creative people together the air fizzes with inspiration and ideas. So you find ideas around every corner.

And when I finished I had a pretty and evil cane! I love/hate them!

I can tell you that I sold 6 books over the weekend and there is a certain monetary gain from that but that isn’t all I got from Eroticon as a writer. I got inspiration, comfort, new networking and friendship links, understanding, a boost in my enthusiasm and lots and lots of laughs.

This is probably the shortest of my three pieces, so if you don’t get a mention please don’t pout. I’m hoping to mention all the amazing people, companies and experiences that shaped my weekend over the 3 blog posts. If you’re still missed out just drop me a comment. I value you and our interaction. I just have a crappy memory!

Check my blog on Monday for the next instalment: The Queen of Smut does Eroticon!