Whenever I see H I feel vibrations of lust radiating throughout my body. I feel the vibrations in the air around us. A Tension. A need. A want.

I was attempting to be on my best behaviour as H’s housemate was in (and answered the door to me) but as soon as I was in their arms that became so much harder. As we sat together, their body against mine, their arm around me, it got harder still.

There were kisses, through conversation and they started out as little pecks…but grew much deeper.

Thankfully, the lovely housemate decided to give us some space and headed up to her room. Leaving us to wait hmm, maybe a whole second before wrapping around each other and kissing hard, deep and letting out all the pent up lust from time apart.

There is a special beauty in the firsts but the nexts are often spectacular too. There is an ease that comes with familiarity. I was happier to reach out and touch, to pull and squeeze and scratch at their beautiful body, knowing how they reacted when I did it before. Maybe I took more liberties, maybe I pushed them to be all the more primal, all the more masterful as their touch was rougher, their bites deeper and I revelled in that or maybe familiarity pushed them on too.

Writing about encounters is a great way to relive the experience and process what happened. If you share it with that other people you played with, they get pleasure from it too.

And knowledge.

H honed in on what I’d mentioned in my writings. Pressure points, behind the ears, the centre of my God-damn breast bone where the force takes my breath away, between my fingers and more.

They bit hard, deep, without mercy. In places that delighted me and places that I’d mentioned in my writings that I was self-conscious about.  Did they bury their teeth into the flesh of my squishy chin by coincidence? Did they just happen to nibble on my belly because there was a bruise there already? I doubt it. I think they were doing it on purpose, consciously or not, to show me the beauty in the areas of my body that I am uneasy with.  And I love them for that.

H bit my lips, growled in my ear, (a lot. Rawwr) fingered me, pinned me down with their hot AF body and took what they wanted. Which is what I wanted.  Pain and pleasure, lust and fear. To be dominated and lose all control.

They called me names, spat on me and told me the ways they want to use and objectify me. oh my God, so hot. I wanted to tell them that, then, but my words were all gone and I could only make noises. I want them to use me, make me feel like that is my only purpose, to please them.

They hit, spanked, punched and gnawed on me, leaving their marks, leaving me hot and breathless.

Then they discovered a new way to terrorize me.

They didn’t hit me.

They made to slap or punch or bite and didn’t finish the action. Each time they made eye contact with me and as I got more and more antsy and whiny they grinned all the wider.


They eventually decided it was more fun to finish the actions and I have to agree. Although hush, don’t tell them, but I like it when they fuck with my mind as well as my body.

We were slowly winding down, snuggling more than fucking, when they dug their teeth into my boob. I think they like to keep me guessing and they really bit me hard, so very hard. When they let the pressure go, they kissed my bruised flesh so gently whilst looking up at me under their lashes.

And my heart melted. I ahhed and kissed the top of their head.

They did it again and I responded in the exact same way.

Which probably says a lot about me, really.

We lay panting in each other’s arms for a while, then H got up to get us drinks. I was trying to tidy up somewhat, discarded socks in one hand, discarded shoes in the other, when they walked behind me and I said something. I think it was cheeky. Well, I’m sure it probably was but the resulting intense, hard, thorough punching of my butt and thighs as I tried not to fall over, drop my shoes or socks and not cry out completely knocked what I said right out of my brain. It made my butt hurt so good. I love their punches. And I was glad I had provoked such a reaction from them.

When they brought us drinks, they had to do some work stuff and I sat beside them, flicking through phone notifications and what not. I was aware that H needed to concentrate and I didn’t want to distract them. I was squished up next to them on the sofa so I pressed my foot next to theirs. We ended up in what can only be described as a foot hug. It was adorable.


Housemate came back in and joined us, conversation was easy until a mention of wearing pretty knickers when a person wants sex with another person. H pointedly looked at me and I blushed hard and buried my face in their shoulder. But they wouldn’t let me, they wanted to see my blushing face, to feed off my embarrassment. I liked that. I liked it very much.

That evening we were out together, both needing to be professional. I could feel their nervousness, so as we walked over to the venue, well more accurately as we stood waiting for the lights to change on our way over, I slipped my arm through theirs. They smiled at me and took my hand, squeezing it.

I can’t tell you how ridiculously happy I was to have their hand in mine. To feel their appreciation, their love in that one simple action.

We did pretty well being professional. Mostly.  Remember the vibrations I talked about at the beginning of this piece? Well every time we were close or our eyes met, those vibrations intensified.

We very pointedly did not touch each other. We were being good.  And when we touch well, it gets very difficult to stop touching each other.

Very difficult.

When H, in compere mode, introduced me, the realisation really hit. I was just about to read out loud erotica inspired by them. To them. And they were sat directly in my line of sight.

The vibrations became tremors and I rocked to and fro as I read, trying to release some of the pent up lust that was bubbling away inside. Even when they had to move seat to a place I couldn’t see them, I could feel them looking at me. I could feel their stare, their arousal, their need.

The need that I shared. And I think passed out to everyone in the room as so many people complimented me on what I read. There were even moaning noises at a few points. I was pretty proud of that.

I was most proud of the way poor H could barely speak when they had to introduce the next performer. How they said they just wanted to stay squirming in their seat.  I wanted to watch them squirm.

Maybe there is a slight mean streak in me, somewhere.

It was not long after H announced they were reading an erotic poem and I hoped it would be what I thought it would be and was delighted when it turned out it was. The poem they’d written inspired by our first encounter.

I couldn’t stop smiling. My mouth was dry, my cunt was wet, my heart was thumping and my stomach pulled taut as I listened to them say the words I’d only read on the screen before. It took all my restraint to not leap up and kiss them passionately the moment they finished reading. I wanted to take them, to let them take me right there, right then.

It was much later in the night when I cheekily leapt on the opportunity to hug H, that we let the professional go a little bit.  We kissed. I smiled. They gathered me closer and…

…growled in my ear.

Making me melt, moan, squeal and laugh at them. I might even have called them a rude name, not sure if I said it out loud or in my head.

I definitely blushed.

Even though I knew that’s what they’d do. They’d told me as much. You can’t help how you respond to such stimuli though, can you?

Later, back at H’s, two couples sat eating supper. All 4 people very horny, very antsy and all very politely chatting whilst waiting for the moment where we could make our way to respective rooms and fuck like bunnies.

It made me smile, that tension in the air, I smiled all the more when we actually made that move upstairs.

Is there anything more passionate than the passion that is aware it should keep the noise down because there’s other people on the other side of the wall? I was already a little embarrassed as a conversation with the housemate earlier had led to her letting me know she knew I was noisy.

And I’d been trying so hard to be quiet too. Biting myself instead of screaming. But apparently, I was still loud enough for her to notice.

However, H made it almost impossible to be quiet. They demolish my inhibitions with their touch. And the pent up energy from all the not touching was explosive. They pinned me down beneath them as they told me how much it turned them on to hear me read my erotica. I wanted to tell the how much I was turned on listening to them but I was not able to make words happen.

Which is a theme with H, they take away my words, which I depend on, which I thrive on, which make me who I am or at least who the world sees me as. H strips all that away, leaves me as naked and as vulnerable as I ever could be.

I was tossed around in their control. All at sea, unable to do anything but respond to the overwhelming sensations they filled me with.

There was something that I did or didn’t do that H decided needed punishment. I can’t remember, they were probably just being mean anyway as I am such an angel. However, that punishment was to have orgasms ‘til it hurt. I certainly wasn’t going to protest about orgasms.

H didn’t skimp on the punishment. I came over and over before and after they ripped off my knickers. On their fingers, on their face, with their thumb on my clit, their fingers in me, on me, spread between my butt cheeks. I came with their teeth dug into my flesh, their fingers pulling on my labia, pressure on the points that make me weak with pain.  I whimpered, moaned, thrashed and sobbed. I tried so hard to pull away but they held me down, held me open and kept me coming over and over until my cunt was raw with excessive ecstasy.

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t do anything but keep on coming and hope that I didn’t die before they stopped.

I didn’t die. And when they stopped they snuggled me close and pulled all my exploded pieces back together, with the odd prod of a pressure point of course, because they understand that the pain is as needed as the comfort by me, as all pain to no pain is all to abrupt.

They finally got to go have their shower, as they stripped off I admired their beautiful knickers, running my fingers down each lacy side. They sat in my lap as I ran my hands over their silky undies and kissed at their back. I hope they felt the love in my touches. The adoration of their beauty.

I stripped off and laid in their bed waiting for their return. When they came in they coyly dried off, I drank in all the glimpses of their body. The amazing, peachy curve of their arse made me drool with the desire to bite it. Soon they’d switched off the light (too soon, I wanted to drink in more of their nakedness) and snuggled into bed next to me.

We tried the being good thing again. It was late. We needed sleep.

But all I could feel were the vibrations. You’d think that coming until it hurt would be enough sexy stuff for anyone but no, apparently I’m insatiable.

I don’t know how long we lay together pointedly not sleeping and I can’t remember quite when or how we went from that to kissing frenziedly and running our hands over each other but I do remember H pulling me over to lean on their chest, directing my hand down to their crotch so I could feel their erection.

I explored it, wanting to learn it’s secrets, what ways to touch, to hold, to pull. How to give the very maximum pleasure to H because they deserve nothing less than the best for the pleasure they give me so generously.

After a while, H grabbed my hair at the back of my head and pushed me down. I eagerly shifted, taking their dick in my mouth. At first they let me take my time, exploring them with my tongue, trying different suctions, different rates of bobbing up and down but then they tightened their fingers in my hair and pushed me down to take more of their cock in my mouth. They bounced up in between my lips and I slurped and moaned and gasped as they used my mouth until they came and I drank their cum eagerly.

I kissed their cock gently before moving back up to kiss H, snuggle into their embrace.

It was then, maybe after a little other conversation that I said the words that had been echoing through my mind all day.

“Love you.”

“Love you too” They replied.

And I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

In the morning I woke before them. I don’t know exactly how long before them, but I waited patiently for them to wake. When they did we languidly hugged and snuggled and they took their pleasure from me.

There was an extended period of them not beating me where I whimpered and crooned and sobbed and begged with my look for them to stop nearly hitting me and please, oh please, fucking hit me already!

When they did, punching me hard in the thigh, I thanked them as I folded over in pain.

Yep, I’m definitely a masochist.

It wasn’t long after their alarm went, they lent over and switched it off. I snuggled into them, expecting to need to move, sad that our time together was soon to come to a close. But they pulled me closer and kissed me.

I ran my hands down their body, to their thigh, onto their dick. I explored their balls and erection whilst watching their face. As my fingers caressed their balls they took their dick in hand and started stroking. Their other hand pressed my head against their breast. I kissed at first, watching their face screw up, listening to the soft gasps and I moved on to nibbling and nipping as they arched up into my mouth. The more they pressed up into me, the harder I sucked and bit. I moved my kisses around, found their nipple and played with it a while.

The vibrations from their moans and from their eagerness to press more of their breast into my mouth blended into the vibrations of their wanking. I quivered with their lust. My body taut, watching and waiting for the orgasm to break. I felt it through my whole body when they came. Shuddering and gasping against me.

The alarm went off again. A screaming, rocking riff that broke into our play and reminded us it was going to come to an end.

But not right then. Again H pinned me down and used my body for their pleasure. Pulling on my nipple with their teeth, using my pressure points to move me and make me whimper, punching, slapping, biting, finger fucking me to a frenzy.

And the damn alarm went again. When H switched it off they rested between my thighs, chin on my belly, face between my breasts.  A huge smile bloomed as they took in the vista of their marks on my skin.

“If you get murdered today, I’m definitely going to be a suspect.”

I thanked them as I laughed. Thanked them for their marks, their love and their humour.


Finally, the alarm led to the words I didn’t want to hear.

“I guess we better get up.”

My heart plummeted.

“The problem with morning sex is that you peak early and the rest of the day is kinda meh.”

I agreed heartily and as much as parting was painful, I was glad to be referred to as the highlight of H’s day. I am easily pleased.

On the bus into town (where H would head to work and I would head home) We sat together. Hand in hand, forehead to forehead. Comforting each other as we moved towards the goodbye.

Which we shared, H walked off and I felt overwhelmingly sad. Until I remembered I had a while to wait for my coach and wanted to go get some food. So I ended up following H up the road. I caught them up, saw the surprise and delight in their eyes as I explained why I was there and not where they left me.

I’m glad I caught up with them. As I accompanied them to get coffee, we chatted, easily covering a world of different topics. The charged sadness of the first goodbye eased by easy conversation and soft touches.

When we parted again, there were smiles, kisses and Love yous.

Vibrations in the air.

Vibrations of joy.

Vibrations of anticipation for future lustful adventures.

Vibrations of love.