The Unspoken rhythm fills the gaps between words.  After discussions and plans, it is the give and take of a Top and bottom that gives form to a scene.

Weaving a melody between the skilled touch and control of the Dominant and the pained pleasure sounds and acquiescence of the submissive. Building the ecstasy, binding the two in a powerful dance of intimacy and passion.

A rhythm of give and take that is more than words. You can find it in the reassuring stroke and pat of his hand when her body explodes with the pain. It’s there when submission brings her back into place after the shockwaves of impact make her jump and tense.

It’s in the finger checking the binding isn’t too tight and when it pokes into a bruise just as a reminder of who’s boss. Or the folded hands behind her back when she’s talking, deference without thought or formality.

The hug that says thank you for giving what I need and the tight squeeze back that says,

‘Thank you, I took what I wanted.’

The music of their opposites blending so beautifully as control winds around obedience and the two intrinsically entwine, taking the same cadence and rhythm. Creating beautiful melodies of movement between exquisite torture and willing flesh.

No words needed, communication of the soul.