Two guys and One girl – Vanilla with extra Nuts Sunday Snog @TalkSmut #menage


Today’s Sunday Snog is Scorching hot blast from the past. It contains two hot guys and many, many seriously sexy kisses. Not for the faint of heart!

She’s just a vanilla girl until she finds her perfect toppings…

Megan is slowly falling in love with Adam until he confesses he’s seeing a guy behind her back. She thinks the relationship has been ruined until the night she indulges in a threesome with the man she loves and Simon, his lover.

As much as she enjoys being sandwiched between the two men she’s not sure the arrangement can last. So Megan has to decide.Can she come to terms with sharing the man she adores with his male lover or will she have to say goodbye to her soulmate forever?

Vanilla With Extra Nuts Menage Sunday Snog
“I’m so close,” Simon gasped, loud enough for both of us, his lovers, to hear.

“So am I,” I groaned.

“And me,” Adam added.

His body shifted away and I heard the snap of a condom being removed. Simon pulled back from me too and I fought the instinct to pout at the loss of his body against mine. I sat up and the most delightful sight greeted my eyes. Adam and Simon were kneeling beside each other and stroking their hard cocks.

I leaned closer as I watched until my breasts were just in front of them.

“Fuck, this is so hot,” I gasped, then licked my lips. “Are you going to come all over me, boys?”

“Oh, yes, I am, baby,” Adam groaned, the strain showed in his face and I knew he would come soon.

“I am too,” Simon moaned. “You have the most gorgeous curves, Megan. Fuck.”

I smiled gleefully and waited. I watched them masturbating together both frantic but using differing strokes. Simon came first. His come was unctuous and landed right between my breasts. I took one finger and traced patterns in it, trailing down to my nipples and rubbing it into my chest. As I lifted the finger to my mouth and sucked of the salty liquid, Adam came. His cum blasted against my chest next to the spot Simon had hit. I trailed my finger through it again and mixed it with Simon’s that was already drying over my breasts, then sucked my finger clean.

The lads looked at each other with a wicked twinkle in their eyes, then pushed me back. I yelped as I impacted into the soft mattress and the pillows exploded around me. Before I could shout at them for scaring me like that, they were on top of me. Adam licked and sucked at my left breast and Simon was on my right. They licked their combined juices from my skin and drove me wild with their tickling tongues. I was on fire and ready to come again. I needed to come again in fact.

At almost the same moment, the two mouths began to sink south. I forgot how much I hated the curve of my full stomach as their kisses dropped lower and lower and covered every inch of it. I loved my tummy right then as their lips covered me and the slight roughness of their chins stimulated me. Lower they dropped and strong hands split my thighs and two bodies jockeyed for position between them.

My cheeks flamed with embarrassment as they both knelt there and just looked at me. I was wet and aroused and I needed some relief. They stayed there, staring down at my cunt and I felt as if I would cry if they didn’t touch me soon. “Please,” I begged with a breathless tone and Adam was the first to react. He lowered his face to my pussy and licked. Simon held my thigh back and traced kisses up and down the sensitive inner skin as Adam feasted on my juicy lips and plumped up clit. His quick and eager lapping soon brought me to the brink but as I tightened, ready for release, he moved away to kiss along my left thigh and was replaced by Simon’s just as eager mouth. They toyed with me like that for what seemed like forever.

“We want to watch you come,” Adam panted.

“Yes, like you watched us. Come for us, Megan, please?” Simon begged.

I quickly ran my hand down to my cunt and began to flick at my clit. I needed to come and I wanted to come for them. They were there, right between my thighs, watching my fingers strum over my wet and aching pussy and as I exploded, my mind consumed with ecstasy, my body shaking and quivering from the blast, they began to lick at my juices. Both tongues jousted between my folds to lick up the sweet juices that trickled down, and with each flick and prod my orgasm continued on until I was satisfied. When I stopped shaking, they crawled up either side of me to cuddle me tightly between their hard bodies. My curves felt perfectly at home nestled there between two hot and incredibly handsome men.

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