I had my first taste of Twisted Sin at Easter and I loved it. Read my blog on that experience first to set the scene. I wax lyrical about boobs, just so you know. In May I went back with Mr Blisse in tow. Now, I know that’s a long time ago now but I’m publishing this just in time for you to get your tickets for the next event which is Saturday 4th July, so there’s method in my madness.

Bangkok Bar plays host to this lap dancing club with a difference and it’s perfect for it. Lots of space for drinking and laughing with mates, a dance floor to rock out to the metal tunes and a space for you to enjoy a lap dance in relative privacy.

Kev and I arrived early and grabbed some drinks. We were soon approached by a very pretty lady in lingerie but we said no to her lovely offer as we were waiting on Jay and Bea to come and join us. When they arrived we took a seat at a table on the edge of dance floor and chattered away.

There’s a good atmosphere in Twisted Sin, relaxed and laid back. There were lots of folks sat around chatting just like us and now and then a lovely lady in lingerie would come up and chat, ask if we’re interested in a lap dance. Kev was playing it cool. I really wanted to buy him a lap dance, it was a bit of a buzz thinking about buying a dance for him but I had to be patient.

While I waited I watched people rocking out on the dance floor. It was interesting to see which songs got people up on the dance floor. I was dancing in my chair but never got on the dancefloor -next time maybe? I love the classic rock and was particularly entertained Alice Cooper’s Poison. In fact I’ve written a short scene which will feature in my next novel based on the song!

My picky husband didn’t actually get a lap dance that night. The girls were pretty, sexy and very entertaining but he discovered he rather liked saying ‘no’ and spent the night practising that word. I think it’s actually just a ploy so he can go back to another one and another and another until I march him in that back room and make him have a pretty girl strip for him! *LOL*


My outfit on the night, complete with a I <3 Smut Badge

We had an amazing night and I’d recommend Twisted Sin to anyone. If you’re in a relationship, single or with a gang of mates or on your own you should go down on the 2nd Saturday of the month and give it a go. Especially if you love metal and rock.