Tuesday Taster – Restoration.

Hello, before I get on with today’s taster and ebook give away I want to announce the winner of yesterday’s! Congratulations cw1985 you’ve won a copy of Spiced Vanilla for your tweet about my blog, well done!

Now, on to Restoration.

He’s an interesting character, Priapus. Born of Aphrodite but several gods may have sown the seed, so to say. Hera wasn’t pleased, apparently and cursed the poor babe whilst still in the womb, making him ugly causing Aphrodite to abandon him to the wilderness.

Poor bugger, he’s not that ugly. Yes, his brows are quite prominent, his nose a little crooked, but it makes him interesting in my eyes. The sculptor was talented, shaping the opalescent stone into such a lifelike mockery of reality. He must have spent hours, if not days on perfecting the lips. Running my tiny, fine brush over them to remove the last vestiges of dirt I hear him giggle at my delicate touch.

“Don’t squirm,” I warn, “or I’ll fall and you’ll end up with a face full of my boobs.”
“Sounds good to me.”
I look up and fall back to my seat, startled.
“Why Doctor Browning, it’s you.”
“Yes, Theresa, it is. You’ve spent too long down here on your own. Talking to a statue as if he’s real?”
“It helps me connect.” I blush, anger flaring deep in my soul, “I treat him with respect and he reveals his secrets to me.”
“And a million other maidens, dear, Priapus was known for it.” He shakes his head and lets out a tight, scornful laugh and I bite my lip, though I’d prefer to bite a chunk out of him. But I suppose one has to be courteous to one’s employer if one wishes to stay employed.

“So, when will our glorious gargoyle be ready for display?” Dr Browning makes my skin itch, he’s standing about six inches away and my body is tingling, I wish he’d move back, his presence makes me jittery. I lay down my brush and turn to face him.
“Well, it’s not a very delicate piece, but I have to be careful in case there are cracks or old repairs that I might knock. I’d like to think I’d have it done within eight to twelve weeks, maybe less depending on the damage I find.”

“Fantastic, I can’t wait for him to be on display. He’ll be such a draw.”
“Oh, he will.” I smile, that is something I can agree on. “It’s funny to think he would have originally been used to scare people off.”
“Ironic, isn’t it? Anyway, I’ll let you get on with it. I never had the patience for it myself. I’ll pop in and check on you at the end of the week. Bye now, bye.”
“See you.” I reply then pick up my brush again, taking a deep steadying breath and forgetting Dr Browning as I re-apply it to the stone beneath me. His lips look so kissable, parted ever so slightly, I can imagine his tongue darting out into my mouth or into my…no. I’ve got to concentrate.

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