Trans pride flag coloured skirt FTW!


I had a dream last night. It wasn’t a particularly revelationary dream but it was revolutionary.

In it I was in a pub with a group of mates, laughing, joking having fun. The guy next to me nudges me as a woman walks past in a tight black dress and high heels.

“Oh, yes she’s gorgeous!” I exclaimed and the woman turned round and smiled at me. At this point in my dream I realised she was trans. Now real life me knows it doesn’t work like that but dream me was taking shortcuts clearly. It made no difference to me but my friend’s face dropped.

“Don’t judge.” I snapped and he looked sheepish. As the beautiful woman made her way across the room, people stopped to stare. As she walked into the bathroom someone gasped.

“Did he just go into the ladies?”

And dream me snapped.

“Trans women are women.” I yelled.

“How would you feel if someone treated you like that? Let the poor woman be.”

My dream ended then, well, went off at a tangent. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot since waking. I think my subconscious was trying to deal with how angry I am at the world right now.

In the middle of pride month no less, there are attacks on Trans people left, right and centre. I’m not going to go into it all in depth. But look into the reversal of health protections in America (announced on the 4th anniversary of the Pulse nightclub killings) and the UK government looking to scrap the Gender Recognition Act in ther face of strong public support (70% of respondents were for keeping trans protections and/or strengthening them). Oh and of course there’s a certain Rowling spouting TERFY nonsense loudly and sadly proudly too.

I have a trans non binary offspring. I have many trans and non binary friends. They are hurting so hard right now. They’re seeing their rights being whittled away. They’re seeing their validity being challenged. The trans community is being turned into some enemy by conservative idiots who are concerned about money and their votes not the lives of the vulnerable.


I’m angry. I’m hurting. And I’m cis. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be trans and/or non binary right now. My heart breaks for the whole, wonderful community. So, fellow cis people reading this, what can we do to help?


  • 1. Listen to and amplify trans voices.   Online, in real life, however you can. Listen to what trans people have to say and pass that information on. We need to speak out for our friends when their voices are being drowned out.
  • 2. Sign petitions.   There’s debate about how much good comes from petition signing but it is an easy way to show your support and is definitely worth doing. Here’s one for you:
  • 3. Write to your MP  Quite often you can find templates online to help you write effective emails to your MP. This is part of amplifying Trans voices. If we let our MPs know that we care about trans rights, it will make it harder for them to be ignored.
  • There’s bound to be more. If you have any suggestions add them to the comments!



If you want more information and the perspectives of Trans people, check out:

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But most of all please speak up for the rights of our trans fam. They really need our support.