I never even thought a world containing vampires was possible but somehow I ended up working at The Point which is the vamp bar down town. I never started a shift without taking precautions. I’d eat a meal full of garlic an hour before and would always have a crucifix on me. Not necessarily around my neck, but I had earrings, bracelets and even underwear covered in them and I always kept a pot of cocktail sticks near me. I figured if a wooden stake to the heart would kill them that a cocktail stick to the hand would at least give me a few seconds to make my get away.

As it turned out, I didn’t have much contact with the vampires themselves. They’d be on the dance floor or in the private rooms and rarely came over to the bar for anything. They did not need to seduce their partners and the frankly disturbing number of vampire fans and wannabes threw themselves at the vamps in hopes of getting bitten. You may be wondering why I took on the job at the bar if I’m so anti-vamp, well I did it because I had to. I had to pay rent and bills, I had to eat and the job at The Point is the best paid bar work in town and bar work is the only thing I am qualified for.

I can tell you I certainly never expected to find a vampire attractive. I knew it wasn’t PC to think of them as monsters, but to me they were. All right, so the ones at The Point would ask before sucking your blood and leave you alive at the end of the experience but what if they couldn’t stop?

I couldn’t stop myself being attracted to Alex. He seemed different from the others and at first I didn’t even realise he was a vamp. He’d spend a large amount of his time dancing in the main club where most vampires keep almost exclusively to the VIP section. It wasn’t until Claire caught me staring at him one day that I found out. She told me with great glee that he was indeed a vampire, but one of the recently fanged kind. I expected to feel an instant repulsion but I didn’t.

All I could see was the kind hearted hot guy who always smiled when I handed him his drinks and when I looked into his mellow brown eyes I couldn’t see a hint of danger. I wanted him and I wanted him bad. He was always with this skinny blonde woman though. I knew I had no chance of getting his attention with her always in tow

One Saturday he came in alone. He was not his usual self, he ordered a shot of whisky instead of his usual pint and he didn’t even look at me, just took the glass, knocked it back and asked for another. I served him a few more, convinced something was very wrong but before I could summon the courage to ask him what was wrong I was ordered off to collect glasses.

When I came back he had a half empty bottle of whisky beside him and he was slumped over the bar. I had to see if I could help him, I couldn’t leave the poor creature so obviously drowning in sorrow without at least trying to help.

“Alex, what’s the matter?” I asked as I bent my knees until my eyes were level with the bar and level with his eyes.

“I’m fine,” he replied without even a slight slur to his crisp, upper class words.

“Well, if you want to talk about it I’m around because, love, you look about as far away from fine as a person can be.”

“I’m fine for a vampire,” he said and for the first time I saw him with fangs extended, my heart raced but I stayed despite the shock. “We’re good at being alone. It says so in all the films.”

“Well, Mr Vampire if you tire of being alone and aloof then call me over.” I walked away and served a group of giggling barely legal girls and from there on in I barely had time to take breath until the end of my shift came round. The main bar was closed at two am every night but as I understood it, the VIP area was pretty much twenty—four seven. As people were ushered out I collected glasses and Alex still sat at the end of the bar. I took out my crucifix earrings and walked over.

“Alex,” I said, placing my hand over his, “it’s 2am, love. They’re shutting up.”

“Yeah,” he replied, “I know.”

“You can’t sit here all night, darling,” I squeezed his cold hand, “it’s time to go home.”

“I can’t go home. It’s not home any more. She’s gone, Zoe, she left me.”

“Oh, Alex, I’m so sorry.” He must have been talking about the blonde bombshell.

“Yeah, I can’t go back to the house, all her things, her scent, I can’t do that tonight.”

“Well, let’s go and see if there is a room empty in the VIP, you could bunk down there, as I understand it, even vampires need their rest.”

He nodded and meekly held my hand as we walked through and found out which rooms were free.

“Fifteen, here we are.” I pushed open the door and found an opulently decorated hotel room. It was certainly far classier than I had expected, “well, you won’t exactly be slumming it.” I grinned and pushed the door closed behind us. “Now, do you need anything else before I go? “

He didn’t say anything yet he did not let go of my hand.

“I would gladly let you keep my hand for the night but unfortunately it’s not detachable,” I laughed, “so you’ll have to let me go now. I need to go home, my shift is over.”

For the first time that night he looked up at me, his deep, usually mellow eyes hard with emotion, “please don’t leave.”

His eyes were rimmed red. I knew he’d been crying and each one of my heart strings felt a violent tug.

“Oh, Alex,” I sighed and wrapped my free arm around his shoulders, “okay, I’ll stay.”

He let go of my hand then and his arms wrapped around my waist. I moved my released arm to complete the hug and he rested his head on my shoulder.

“She was my girlfriend in life,” he said as we embraced, “she stood by me through the change and she fed me. We were in love and today…” his words trailed off as emotion choked him. I stroked a hand gently up and down his back and held back on the urge to kiss his cool cheek. I’m here to comfort him I chided myself, I need to keep my damn libido in check.

“Today she left me. She said she didn’t want to be just a meal ticket any longer, that she’d had enough. I wanted to stop her, to hold her, to turn her,” as those words filtered through my mind a chill ran through my body as I realised I was hugging a very dangerous beast indeed. “I didn’t though. I couldn’t. I loved her, I would never do this to someone I loved, to anyone. No one deserves this curse.”

“You’re a good man,” I whispered.

“Vampire,” he corrected.

“Okay, vampire, but you’re still a man, Alex, being the living dead doesn’t stop that.”

“Oh, Zoe,” he sighed and tightened his grip on my waist, “you’ve always been so kind to me.” His head rolled into the cup of my neck where it joins my shoulder. His lips were air kissing my skin he was so close. I wanted to hold my breath, wanted to scream. He could bury his fangs in my flesh without a second thought but I wasn’t scared, no, strangely I wasn’t. I wanted to scream out the pent up lust inside. I was stuffed full of desire.

I felt as if really I should speak, but words just would not form between my dry lips. I continued to stroke my hand softly up and down his back then his lips were against my neck. At first I thought it was just a mistake as he moved them back again an instant later. I tried desperately to think of something to say, to break the tension but before anything came to mind his lips fell to my neck again and this time they stayed there.

A first kiss is normally on the lips but his first kiss slipped up and over the delicate skin of my neck. I am sure he could feel the frantic beat of my heart echoed in my fast—flowing blood and I wondered if he would bite but instead his lips trailed up to and across my chin and to my waiting lips. If I’d have had time to think I’d have stopped him there and then. That would have been the sensible thing to do but no, I did not think, I kissed. And the kiss blossomed.

Our hands became extensions of the kiss and caressed in time to the rhythm of our lips. His slipped up and under my top to cup my large breasts and mine slid under his shirt to stroke at the hot flesh there. With a frustrated growl he grabbed my t—shirt and pulled up. I let go of him and let my hands rise into the air. As the material moved from between us our eyes met. It was clear that we both knew that what we were doing wasn’t right but it was also clear that we didn’t care.

I moved my hands to his waist and took off his top. Yes, his chest was all I’d fantasised it would be and I enjoyed being pressed hard against it as he undid my bra. As we’d been undressing we must have moved because as I stepped back to help him remove my bra I felt the back of my heels hit the bed. I fell back and in a split second, I am sure a human could not move that fast, he was on top of me.

“Your skin is so soft, so warm,” he whispered in my ear, his body pressed to mine, “and your breasts are even more beautiful than I’d imagined.”

“You’ve imagined my breasts?” I gasped as he moved lower, kisses trailing down to my nipples, his hands working on the fastening of my black work trousers.

“Oh yes,” he said between kisses, “many times.”

I lifted my hips as he dragged my trousers and knickers down my legs. His hands stroked over my gently curved stomach and I tried hard not to hold my breath. I was generally confident but I was convinced I was carrying a few too many pounds around my tummy.

“So creamy, so good,” he murmured as he kissed, licked and bit gently at my nipples. His hand slipped over my pubic hair and his fingers slid purposefully between my damp lips. He was good, he knew exactly what to do to make me mewl and moan and writhe under his touch. As he stimulated my pussy his mouth ran back up from my breast to my neck. I knew what was going to happen and a chill ran through me. I was nervous, what if he didn’t stop sucking before I was dead? But all sensible thought drained from me as his fingers continued their calculated assault on my clit.

“Yes,” I whispered, “Oh, fuck, yes,” I groaned as the pleasure grew to breaking point,

“Alex,” I screamed as the orgasm hit. He bit me at exactly that second and the pleasure kept on rolling through me between his fangs and my clit there seemed to be a connection. With each flick of his finger or suck of his mouth the ecstasy would peak once more. When his teeth pulled from my flesh and his finger stilled I felt denied. I wanted more. He’d rolled onto his back beside me.

“So good,” he panted, licking his bloody, extended fangs, “damn that ten second rule.”

“We’re not finished yet, love,” I gasped and fought with the fastening of his jeans until my shaking fingers undid them and pushed them down his legs. His cock was hard, long and I knew it would be the perfect fit. I had just come harder than I’d ever done before in my whole life but I needed to feel him inside me. I slipped my legs around his hips, gripped him in my hand and pressed him into my wet, aching pussy. “That’s better.” I groaned and undulated my hips.

“Fuck,” he moaned as I sat back and rode his cock. I caressed my own breasts as they were heavy and demanded attention and felt a trickle of blood slip down my neck and over my collarbone,

“Come here.” He growled.

I leaned forward and rested my hands by his shoulders. He stretched his neck and licked up the blood that was still spilling from my flesh. My pussy clenched around him and I felt his cock throb within me.

“So good,” he gasped, “tasty, full of life,oh fuck, I want more.”

“Take it,” I gasped, rubbing my pelvis hard against his and felt tiny explosions of pleasure, “suck me.”

“If you insist,” he gasped and his fangs fastened to my neck again and more ecstasy than I thought existed in the whole world crashed through my body as I exploded all over his cock. He came as he sucked. I felt him stiffen beneath me. He stopped sucking soon after the ecstasy rolled over me. His rough tongue licked up the blood that trickled free from the bite marks.

“Thank you, Zoe,” he gasped as I rolled to his side. He held me close, “I needed that, no, strike that, I needed you.”

I looked up into his dark, satisfied eyes and smiled. “I needed you too.”

© Victoria Blisse