I ended up the target of three whips on Friday.


It wasn’t on purpose, I had no idea it was coming, but once the whipping started I wasn’t going to call for it to stop.

How did it begin? Well, I’m not really sure. There was some hitting, my husband tried out a rather beautiful new implement of Animal’s and it went from there. Switch2Scratch needed something to hit and I obliged. There was a soft, furry lil’ thing with a gentle sting and I was quite happily sticking my butt out for more. Then Kev passed him Smaug, our leather dragontail.

The impacts started to really hurt with a wide, slapping sting. I gasped, as the hits homed in on one particular area of flesh. I might have called out for a break, the repetitive heavy hits were beginning to jar but a harsh, thin stinging shot broke in and changed my focus.

The sharp stinging hits continued, with the distinctive hiss of the classic whip following after the loud clap of dragontail on flesh. The pain doubled, two distinctly different sensations jousting for my attention. I tightened, agony screaming across my bottom and thighs, hurting I stood firm. Mind whirring, trying to process and capture the essence of what was happening to me.

And through the pyrotechnics of thought I watched my husband (evil enabler that he is) pass Animal his yobi. I was scared, most definitely, how the hell was I going to cope with a third type of whip in the mix? But I was also definitely excited to find out.

I wish I could tell you what it was like but as the yobi sting (several thin strips impacting simultaneously, spreading the bite out across a wider area) joined the whipping party I completely zoned out. My eyes closed, my hands raised and clenched and I just couldn’t think any more. The pain took over and morphed into pure, masochistic pleasure. No thought, just agony; no words, only euphoria. I melted into ecstasy until the 3 sadists stopped.

And I stumbled forward, to lean on the sofa nearby. All power to hold myself up failing me. I had been stood freely, nothing to lean on through the whole experience.

It was as I watched the slow mo video that Misstillys_boy had taken that the reality of what had just happened really hit. I saw the way the 3 skilled sadists struck in rhythm, each waiting for the last’s hit before adding in their own, each targeting different points on my butt, each concentrating and executing every strike with a controlled precision that was jaw dropping to watch.

And there was my butt, getting redder, the flesh bouncing back after each strike. Taking each blow, I was amazed by that. How much my bottom was withstanding.

Needless to say, my arse was on fire. I stayed stood up for a long time until ordered to sit on a cold, hard stool. Ouch. But the added pain made my little masochistic heart sing.

And the marks, oh, the marks are beautiful.

Thank you, evil, skilled sadists for painting me with pain and bruises, you’ve made this masochist a very happy bunny indeed.



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