I shared this photo and post on social media but as it’s something so important I thought I’d pop it up on my blog for Masturbation Monday today. And my tummy is fucking sexy, just saying. 


This is my belly. It’s not something I generally share on my blog or social media, and I often try and hide it. Sorry Tum. But it’s awesome. My belly is brilliant. It’s soft and squidgy and comfy.

I’m sharing my belly to say to you – embrace your belly! Please, please,please don’t fall for the fatphobic ads and social pressure to diet and exercise into the new year. Don’t fall for it! Don’t buy the potions and lotions, you don’t need to go to the gym or buy that diet book. You don’t need to change.

You are beautiful. You make your own decisions about indulging. If you’re not done with it, then you keep going. Enjoy the excesses of the season! It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s wet and miserable. Take your comfort where you can.

But if you can’t face another mince pie and crave a bowl full of fruit and veg, nom it up.

Do what you want. You are in charge of what you do with your amazing, beautiful body.

Don’t listen to the shame. Don’t read it. Don’t indulge it. Don’t spread it. Those ‘jokes’ about getting fat this time of year, they’re not actually funny. They just reinforce the idea that fat is ugly.

Stop it.

Fat is beautiful. Fat is natural. Fat isn’t the enemy.