I’ve said to several people that our three year kinkaversary simultaneously feels like it can’t possibly be that long and like we’ve been on the scene forever.

But yes, 3 years ago on the First Friday of May Kev and I went to Miss T’s Daytime do for our very first scene event.  So we revisited, with cake, to celebrate.

Kev and I have discovered that our kinks might overlap on occasion but really, we like quite different things. Hence we so often play with other people (the scene is great like that) but one place we overlap is staples. I mean, not literally. We don’t staple ourselves together, that’d be weird ;)

I’m not a fan of needles, which Kev adores but staples, I enjoy. So We celebrated by decorating each other with corsets. I started by stapling a V on Kev’s back, which is super appropriate and felt like I was marking him as mine.

A medical staple gun is really easy to use. You press it against the skin and squeeze the handle together. It then pushes a staple out of the gun and into the person’s flesh, pinching together just under the skin. Very similar to your run of the mill stapler but please, if you’re going to do some staple play, get a medical stapler. They’re not expensive and can be bought at places such as amazon really easily.

After placing the staples I then laced some lovely purple ribbon through to make a pretty corset. I enjoyed pulling the ribbons through the staples as it made Kev moan and squeak and make all kinds of interesting noises! If you’re going to use ribbon, be sure to get thin stuff (mine was 5mm wide I think) so it will be able to go through the holes. Only use it on one person, as it may get a lil’ blood on it and don’t pull too tight as you might pop a staple out, which will be quite painful and may cause more bleeding than removing them with the proper tool.

Next, Kev made me a pretty corset on my boobs. Boobs are wiggly so getting the staples in was a job but he was well up to the challenge. How does a staple feel? It’s a little pinchy pain. Like someone’s pinching your flesh with just their nails. Once it’s in, I am aware of the pinching but it’s a warmth not a really painful sting. It’s quite a nice pain…mind you, I am a masochist so I like most pain to put it in context :p

I loved how my chest looked all corseted up. Of course, I adored the prickly, pinching pain too.

I really enjoy watching the staples being removed as well, the little gadget you do it with is fascinating and I could watch it for hours. It doesn’t hurt having the staples removed, it’s just a relief as your skin goes back to lying as it was. There is a sting to the skin once the staples are removed and a few little pin prick marks. I love marks myself, even these teeny tiny ones.

It was a wonderful way to connect for our kinkaversary.  I always enjoy connecting with my hubby too. It’s always a joy. Love my Kev to bits.

On the first time we attended Miss T’s, Tenseld showed me how a violet wand worked. If you’ve read a lot of my stuff, you’ll know that I’ve been experiencing other bits of Tenseld’s kit ever since! So it was fitting that Tenseld introduced me to a new bit of kit on my kinkversary.

Electrified pinwheels.

I was quite surprised we’d never used them before, as was Tenseld!

Pinwheels alone don’t really do a lot for me. They’re an interesting sensation but really, they don’t float my boat. However, electric is definitely my jam so I was willing to try.

And blow me, Electricity makes all the difference!

Tenseld started out with the multi-headed pinwheel…5 I think there were. It looks super evil but because there’s more spots in contact with your body it’s actually ‘nicer’ than the single one. But it looks like a particularly evil lawn mower, which blows your mind a bit.

I lay on my front, Tenseld put a contact on the top of my thigh, somewhere fairly innocuous as it was a new kind of pain and I wanted to concentrate on that, not where the second contact was. I wanted a chance at being able to describe the experience.

At first, I thought that might be impossible.  It kind of makes sense that it’s a particularly intense experience, as the pins are pushing down into your skin in specific lines on focused points. With the multiple headed wheel there was a distinct pins and needles effect. Scratchy, nettle sting kind of experience. Multiple pinpricks all at the same time.

It was intense. I even told Tenseld I was close to my tolerance after one particularly intense rollering. He turned it down then, to a more bearable level.  It was difficult to process, so many individual little bursts of stinging pain all bunched together.

And of course, Tenseld sought out the areas that made me squeal and jump about the most. The reddened area where my bra had been digging in, the graze on the back of my left knee. The pits at the back of my knees (bloody excruitiating, that!) and around my ankles. Sometimes it’d feel like I had a forece field around me. Just tight enough that any movement made me hit it and I’d feel a blanket zap of electricity in one particular area.

The visual equivalent would be how they show a virus or something like affecting a computer in films. You know how it flicks on and off and goes a bit fuzzy? Yeah. It felt like that was happening to bits of me.

My code was getting scrambled.

And then Tenseld moved over to the single wheel.

The only way I can explain it is in terms of orgasm. As the while was rolled down my back all the way to my feet, it was such an intense, penetrating pain it was pure pleasure. So, do you know that moment after you first come, when the explosion turns into waves of pleasure and everything feels tight and you want it to go on forever but you know it’ll have to stop so you can breathe because it’s soooooo good but it’s also kinda painful too?

Yeah, it felt like that. But until it was taken off my body, I felt like I was unable to breathe, pinned down with pain that just pulsed into intense pleasure.

And then Tenseld started to get really mean. The single wheel pressed into the back of my knees felt like I was being nailed to the bed. The sting penetrated down to the bone. I’d flail and bang the opposite leg up and down much to Tenseld’s delight. I daresn’t move the one with the pinwheel resting on it, so all the pain management moved to the other leg going into overdrive.

It never ceases to amaze me what bits of me can be made to hurt. Backs of knees and ankles really featured this time. And that graze behind my knee. Well, when he ran the wheel over that it felt like he was digging into my flesh and pulling out spoonfuls of it.

I have to say at the time all I wanted it to do was stop but in hindsight, I definitely loved it. In that it really pushed me to my very limits and I kinda like playing that high, seeing what I can take but I don’t want to stay there too long.

Afterwards, after hugs and laughter and gentle coming round. I stood up and walked about a bit.

“I feel like I’ve been worked over with a hedgehog!”  I exclaimed. There were just stingy prickly areas all over my body. A little later I exclaimed that I felt like I had holes in the back of my knees.

It was confirmed that they were completely intact.

What an amazing array of sensations. I want to play with the pinwheels again but maybe after something more  thuddy and all-encompassing to warm me up for all the intense sting.

The kinkversary was finished off with a bit of rope. Ran does wonderful things with rope. The whole process makes me feel like an artist’s canvas. I’d taken my top off (underwires aren’t good for rope) so my breasts were free. (there were cheers. It was very encouraging) I wasn’t ever uncomfortable being topless, because I was amongst friends. However, my old issues raised their head as I was tied up. However, the pretty rope frame made me feel quite good about my long, hanging breasts.  They looked good surrounded by a net of rope.

It was the tightening diamond of flesh popping out of the centre of my stomach that really caught my attention. But you know, it was only for a while. I am soft and giving and it gives me a wonderful plush look when tied up. I pushed down the negative thoughts much quicker than I’d normally expect too and that added an extra boost of happy to the whole experience.

I loved the rope on me, the constriction but my favourite was when Ran took it off. Vibrating the rope against my skin and oh my life, did that feel good. Body tinglingly good. My God I’m not able to think past how damn good this feels good.


All in all, it was an amazing kinkaversary and I can’t wait for the next one!