Early in the morning, mind clear, body ready and with my laptop open.

Yeah, I’m talking about writing, what else did you think I meant?

It’s very difficult to describe the difference between the days when inspiration is readily available and the days when it’s not. I could compare it to bowel movements but that’s just kind of icky, I could compare it to a trip to the supermarket too, sometimes you have an abundance of produce to choose from and you get everything on your list. Other times you go and you just can’t find what you want. But nothing really can convey to you how random it can be.

Some days I wake up ready and raring to go and other days the last thing I want to do is write. Luckily this week I’ve had more good days than bad and I’ve actually gotten quite a lot done. I’ve had lots of editing to do and that is not my favourite chore but it is done and I always feel better for doing it even if I hate the actual process!

Then I ended up in the wonderfully pleasant position of being able to choose what I wanted to write. More often than not I simply have to work on deadlines. I like deadlines, I’d never write a thing if I didn’t have them but then I always seem to leave things to the last minute and so I end up having to write alot in a relatively short period of time which always leaves me feeling a bit burnt out.

So I looked around for submission calls and found one I fancied. All the better I remembered a sweet little story I had on my hard drive that might just fit the bill. I had remembered right, the story was perfect but needed expanding so I set to it. Now generally, I will write in short bursts. I tend to get a flash of inspiration that is followed by a lull and so on and so forth but the other morning it came just the way I like it. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote and just over an hour later I had written 1.5k and almost doubled the length of my story. Even better than that, I’d written enough to hit the word count limit and the story was finished.

Oh what joy filled my heart. That is just how I like it, fast, furious and with a great conclusion! The next day I edited up the little love and sent it off. I’ll let you know how it goes. I am sure you’ll love it, it’s such a dirty, sweet, sexy spanking tale which lifts the heat level right up up to scorching!

Now on the theme of writing and me liking it I want to share some good news with you. Today I got an email from the wonderfully talented Alessia Brio and that email told me that my story “Double The Pleasure” will be included in Coming Together: As One.

How cool is that? This anthology will benefit ONE the campaign to end global poverty. I do so love doing my bit for charity with smut. It is satisfying on so many levels!

I love the Coming Together Anthologies. I was in on it from the start, oh yes. My Story, “not what you see, what you feel” was right there In Coming Together: Vol. 1

And I’m in Coming Together: Under Fire to with a story called “Flaming Hot”.

And now another one, yay! I’m excited.