The Vampire Lover.

So on Tuesday I introduced you to Janine, the human lover that Kyle meets at The Point in my latest release The Vampire’s Choice.


Today, we’re meeting Sharon, the vampire. She was turned in the 1980’s and so has a bit of a thing for shoulder pads and garish patterns. She’s young, vibrant and undead and works as a security guard at The Point, which is the place for vampire’s to hang out and satisfy their lusts.

She’s very forthright and knows what she wants like many vampires she doesn’t beat around the bush and when she spots kyle coming out of a room after a frustrating meeting with Janine she jumps on the opportunity to help him with his erm, dilemma.

When I walked past the female security vamp she shot out a hand and held my arm.

“I recognise that look. Janine does it to everyone, dude.”

I smiled at her and noticed for the first time that she really was very pretty.

“Well, it was good blood,” I said, “I can’t really grumble.”

“No, but you’re still so turned on that I can see your cock straining against your pants and you feel used.”

I nodded; I couldn’t deny it.

“Hang on a moment and I’ll fix your problem for you.Hey, Tim, my shift’s up, is Tony here yet?” she yelled.

“Not quite. I’ll fill in for him.” Tim, the security manager walked out from his office at the other end of the corridor.

“Thanks, man,” the female vamp replied, then grabbed and pulled me towards a room at the very end of the corridor.

“I’ve never been in here before,” I said as she pushed open the door.

“Well you wouldn’t. This is the security team’s locker room.” She pulled me past rows of metal cupboards to another door, which she yanked open then pushed me through. I decided that this had to be put down as the weirdest day of my entire life and, as I realised we were in a stock room surrounded by mops and buckets and brushes, I suspected it was about to get even weirder.

“Hey, I’m Sharon, by the way. I was vamped in the early eighties and, as much as I enjoy human blood, I crave vampire cock.”

I lifted an eyebrow. I still wasn’t quite accustomed to how straightforward vampires and especially female vampires could be. Before I could introduce myself, Sharon was down on her knees. She ripped open the front of my trousers—quite literally, I hoped there was a spare pair somewhere—and pulled down my boxers. My dick was still semi-hard, so Sharon instantly wrapped her lips around it. She placed her dainty fingers around the base and moved her head up and down in a way that told me she was very skilled indeed at this kind of thing.

My mind was a whirr, but the pull of lust ploughed through everything else and I moaned with appreciation as I felt the warm confines of her throat all around me. I’d never experienced deep throat before and, as aroused as I was, I was finding it hard not to come—I didn’t want to be a disappointment. A vampire like Sharon would have no qualms about spreading that kind of embarrassing info around.

“No gag reflex,” she winked as she pulled my cock from between her lips and licked them with a purr. She flicked the long, sharp, straight fringe of black hair from her face. “Now I want to be fucked.” Sharon stood up and pulled open her blouse to reveal her breasts. I preferred Janine’s full bosom, but I wasn’t going to tell Sharon that. She stood against the wall and pulled me to her, painfully crushing my erection between us and making me wince.

“I want you inside me,” she gasped, and grabbed hold of my shirt. She shifted position and lifted her leg to rest on my hip. This made her short skirt ride high over her petite thighs. “Vampires are really fucking flexible.” She laughed and reached down between us to find my hardness. She smoothly slotted me into her wet and naked pussy and lifted her other leg and wrapped it around my waist. This pulled me in deeper and held me tightly against her. “Come on then,” she said, playfully nibbling at my earlobe with her fangs. “Fuck me, stud.”

I did what felt natural and pulled back a little, then pushed forward. It felt so good I tried it again, but with more effort. I was still fairly inexperienced at the sex thing. Yes, I made ladies come on a regular basis in order to feed on them, but mostly I stuck to the classic missionary position and I hadn’t had any complaints about that at all. This was completely new to me and as I thrust into her I hoped that my legs wouldn’t give way beneath us as the joy of approaching orgasm flowed through my body.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted loudly, her nails digging painfully into my shoulder blades, but the sting did not detract from the ecstasy—it seemed to feed it further. “Fuck, Kyle, that’s it.” She panted. She wasn’t speaking now, she was just babbling. Her cunt clenched around me as her words rolled into moans and hisses of pleasure.

“I’m going to come,” I gasped, and she screamed then, louder and longer than I’d heard anyone scream before. As she yelled her pussy tightened around me with a gush of liquid and I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I rammed myself deeper inside her and came with a grunt that was not audible above her ecstatic cries.

We stayed in position a moment, both panting and gasping for breath. She lowered her legs and pulled back from me. “That stupid human doesn’t know what she’s missing,” Sharon laughed as she smoothed her skirt down her legs. “Thanks for the fuck, Kyle.” She fastened her blouse buttons, waved and walked out of the store cupboard. I was stunned and didn’t move or speak for a moment. I know when I fuck women there’s no real emotional tie, but they generally stay around for an embrace and maybe even a kiss. This felt altogether seedier.


Kyle has to make a choice between cold, distant Janine and strange and forthright Sharon. One human, one a vamp. Who will he choose? You need to read The Vampire’s Choice to find out!

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