“Sally Winterson to the office please, Sally Winterson to the office.”

Dave sat back in the office chair and smiled to himself. He had ten minutes before the next train was expected through the station and he planned to make every moment count. Twenty seconds later the heavy door swung open and there was Sally in all her red-headed, big busted glory. She took his breath away.

“Hey, what do you want? I’m supposed to on the ticket office now, Raj just went home.”

“I know, but I wanted to see you,” he smiled, “come here and give me a kiss.”

“Hey, where’s your manners!” she exclaimed with wicked, lob-sided grin and a wink.

“Okay then, please come and give me a kiss. “

“That’s better.” It only took two steps for her to reach the desk and a few more to step round it. Dave twisted his chair to face her and Sally bent forward to kiss him.

“You know,” he said, her lips hovering over his, “you’d be fair more comfortable kneeling in front of me. You’re going to strain your back bending down like that. “

“Awww,” she whispered, “always so concerned for my well-being.” She sank to her knees. “It obviously has nothing to do with the fact you get a kick out of seeing me down here supplicant before you.”

“Not at all,” he laughed and reached out to stroke a soft curl from her face, “that’s just a happy bonus.”

He leant forward and their lips met. He loved the taste of her, the feel of her plump, giving lips beneath his. Her mouth was made for kissing and he revelled in its treat.

“Now, about that blow job you owe me,” he popped open the button on his black, scratchy work trousers, “get to it.”

“But Dave, someone could walk in at any moment,”

“Well, get under the desk then.” He smirked.

“I’m supposed to be in the ticket office right now,” She grumbled, “can’t this wait ‘til later?”

He opened his fly and eased his cock out of his underwear, “no, it can’t. I’ve got eight minutes until I have to announce the next train and I want to come. “

“But Dave…”

“But nothing.” He cut her off, “When I went down on you on the sink in the ladies lavs you said you’d pay me back any time I wanted it. I want it now. So crawl under the desk and suck my cock. Hurry, I’ve only got seven minutes left now.”

She sighed but licked her lips. “Well, fine,” she huffed and pulled open the top buttons of her work blouse, “In for a penny, in for a pound, I suppose. You know other women get to fuck on beds under blankets in comfort. ” She grinned as her magnificent cleavage came into view. Dave knew this was all part of the turn on for her, the orders, the risky sex in public. Her moaning was just a part of the tease. He loved it too so he indulged her whenever he could. He pushed back the swivel chair and gave her room to crawl under the rickety old desk. It was covered at the front with a thin layer of chipboard so no one would see her if they walked into the office. Dave tucked himself under the desk too and his cock slid into the warm, wet silkiness of her mouth.

She gave good head and it was all the more arousing because of the situation. Her tongue lapped under him as her mouth slipped over him and he moaned out loud with the pleasure then bit his lip. He had to be careful, someone could walk in at any moment and he didn’t want to give the game away. He tried to focus on the computer screen before him but it was completely useless. Her talented mouth already had him on the brink of orgasm.

Just then the door flew open. Dave’s heart jumped and Sally stilled below the desk.

“Have you seen Sally?” The man barked, “She’s meant to be in the ticket office and it’s still all locked up. It’s almost rush hour and people need their tickets.”

“I’ve not seen her boss,” Dave shrugged as Sally’s lips rested around his hard cock, her tongue flicking gently at the underside of it, “but if I do, I’ll send her right over.”

“Good, good,” the man nodded and pushed his tiny circular spectacles back up the bridge of his nose, “and the four thirty two is coming in on platform four now. You need to announce it every couple of minutes from now until it arrives. “

“Right boss,” Dave replied, reaching out to grab the mike, “I’m on it.”

“I don’t know why we bother,” he muttered as he walked back out of the room, “some silly sod will still miss the announcement and come and complain to me about it.”

Dave flicked on the microphone and began to make the announcement.

“All passengers on platform two please be advised that the four thirty two train to Scunthorpe will now be arriving on platform four,” at this point Sally continues her sucking and Dave’s voice becomes a squeak as the arousal rushed through his veins, “that is the four thirty two to Scunthorpe will now be boarding on platform four.”

Her tongue snaked around his member and her lips tightened and he groaned before realising the mike was still on. He tried to switch it off but in his rush only managed to knock it over. He could imagine the squealing static which would be attacking people’s ears on the platform as he did his best to right it.

“The four…” his words were eaten up in a blanket of static, as Sally sunk her mouth completely around his erection, her fingers scratching down his inner thigh over the top of the scratchy work trousers he wore. The mike knocked over again before he could right it properly and he knew he couldn’t reach it without pulling his dick from between her lips and he didn’t want to do that.

“Fuck it,” he said and concentrated on the hot sensations running from his dick through his whole body. A few seconds later he grunted out a “Yes,” as he came. She sucked down every last drop.

She got up off the floor, wiped her lips clean, winked and fastened up her top. She righted the microphone, switched it off and walked out of the office.

Dave laughed. The public would flip if they knew why his train announcements were so garbled.

© Victoria Blisse