It’s the flowers and the leaves

Everyone sees

And oohs and ahhhs about.

The bark

Calls to be touched

Rough and whorled,

strong and tall

holding it all


But what about what’s underground?

safe and sound

Secure and securing.


Blossom floats in the air

Mixes without a care.

Petals finally lay together, gently resting.

Leaves red, brown and gold

Fall in a flurry

Are kicked through in a hurry

Clumsily combined.

Roots grow together.

Seeking out nourishment,

questing for water

to quench

the deep need.

Roots under pressure

but together whatever



Pushing onwards together,

A community.

Unseen and unknown

But anchoring

All the colours and the hues

That bring the ahhs and the oooohs.

The anchors

In the dirt.