The Point, Vampires and a Review.

Hello everyone! It is FREEZING cold today which is crazy considering I was wearing my summer clothes this time last week. Ah, the joys of the British Weather. Anyway, today I’m going to share some vampiric goodness with you, guaranteed to warm up your Wednesday!


Awesome artwork by Kevin Mitnik.

Firstly I’m at Justine Elyot’s Blog talking about my vampires and how they’re not your typical sort of vampire at all. I talk all about The Point and offer up an excerpt from Stopping Point too. Definitely worth you checking out Justine’s Blog today!

And I am also very glad to report I’ve had a fantastic review from Carla Croft for The Point, book one in the Point Vamp series!


Here’s a snippet:

Readers…will not be disappointed; the lust flows as freely as the blood, ‘She needed to feel the violence and the lust she’d seen in his eyes moments earlier. She wanted more.’ So writes Miss Blisse: I certainly agree. I was certainly left wanting more of Miss Blisse’s dark works.

Cover up the crucifixes, throw away the garlic and invite someone tall, dark and mysterious across the threshold of your e-reader. Gimme some Hugh.

For more read the whole review at Carla’s blog!

And finally we have the cover art for The Vampire’s Choice…are you ready? Here we go!


You can pre-order The Vampire’s Choice today so you’ll get it straight away on the 16th April when it releases!