The Paracord Trick #SinfulSunday


I’m not going to say that I’m not a rope person, I don’t think I have experienced enough of it yet to know. I don’t dislike it but I haven’t discovered an all out love for it, either. However, I do love pain. You all know that. So When I witnessed the Paracord Trick being done on a friend of mine who’s pain tolerance is something of legend, I was  intrigued.  She loved it. There was much pain and anguished screaming. So of course, I wanted a go next!

The lovely W happily brought over his ever so innocuous looking long length of green paracord. The first securing knot wasn’t too bad. Sure it was tight and a lil’ stingy but it wasn’t until more loops and knots were added that the excruciating pain kicked it. Who knew a leg could hurt so damn much? It gets worse the more is added BUT it gets even worse when they’re undone again. It gives both ways. I loved it.  Above is a photo taken today, 6 days after the trick was performed.  My Sinful Sunday entry today is how my leg looked directly after I was released.



Oh, and if you want more bruise porn, check out the image in my Wicked Wednesday post, for more wonderful sexy images, click the lips!

Sinful Sunday

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