I’ve been mostly topping of late.

Which is a sentence I never thought I’d type. However, having a willing bottom to play with has meant I’ve been indulging my meanie side a lot and it’s been fun.  I’m getting into it, finding my style and learning lots about Ben and what makes him tick and jump and hiss.  Heh.

It’s also made me crave pain. Lots and lots and lots of pain. Which I let Cute-as-Sin know. And as we had plans to be at a fellow kinkster’s birthday party, they said they’d give me the proper beating I craved. Yay!

I was all ready to be in masochist mode when the lovely Ben let me know he’d be at the birthday do too and would I like to play? I said yes, of course, playing with Ben is fun. And I would get to discover how my switchyness works. Would I be able to bounce between top and bottom?

In theory it seemed I would be able to do it fine enough, but you never know until you try. I did decide I would do the topping before the bottoming. It seems like that is the easier way to go. Trying the other way is an experiment for another day. I sat chatting with Ben for a good while, for the joy of conversation and waiting for the spanking bench to come free.

The dungeon was full as my mate Maggie was receiving his punishment for calling the birthday host an onion over and over again. He was strung up by his hair, gagged with an onion and wrapped in bubble wrap whilst being beaten by several folks.  He deserved it. And was definitely enjoying it.

So it was a busy dungeon but no one was paying me and Ben any mind whatsoever. I started out with a hand spanking, as I always do, and we soon found out that he already had a few tender spots left from when we’d played the week before. This was delightful! I never thought I was particularly sadistic but increasingly I think I might like pain giving almost as much as pain getting.

These extra sensitive spots on his thighs made the spanking escalate quicker than usual. I was being gentle but when I hit his thighs he was squirming even with the gentlest hits and the nicest of my implements.  Delightful! To know I’d left such a lasting impression filled me with a warm pride.

I checked in with him more often because of this, too. It’s only fun and games if everyone is having a good time. Turns out we both definitely were. He was soon leaping up onto his knees, a response I recognise as one I pull myself when the pain is particularly shocking.

I did hit harder once we were warmed up. I’m getting to know him, how he reacts, how much pain he can take. And there is a dance you dance when you’re giving the impact that plays with the edge of not enough and maybe a little too much with the aim to step mostly on just right. It is an all absorbing task and a pleasurable one that leads to interesting discoveries.

One such impact made Ben shout something, the words I didn’t precisely hear but the message was clear.

“Did you just curse me?”  I asked.

“It wasn’t in English so it doesn’t count.” He replied.

“Hmmm, I’m not sure that’s true.” I laughed, making sure to strike hard enough to make him arch his back once more. Later, we tried to remember what was said. But neither of us knew. But note, bottoms, tops recognise a swear word even when they don’t hear it properly or know the language it comes from!

We laugh a lot when we play. He also hisses and ouches and yelps. I enjoy all those different sounds equally.

I used a couple of my stinger implements, at the top of our play. At one point he leapt back and stayed upright for a while, as I stroked his back, he looked over his shoulder to see Maggie’s on going punishment.

“Least I’m not Maggie.” He said, causing more laughter. He did lay down once more so I could finish my spanking. At the end I could see the spaceyness in his eyes. So I made sure he stayed put for a while, stroked him gently for a bit, as I started to clean and put away my toys. It was satisfying to see the softened gaze of a sated sub as I know how good it feels to reach that state.

We spend time sat together, I checked he was doing okay before he headed off. I also checked I’d left him sweetly sore by random pokes to the butt and thigh just to make sure. I’m so good like that. So thorough!

It wasn’t very much later when Cute-as-Sin offered me the proper beating I’d been wanting.

Oh, and they delivered. They really delivered. I even let them use their whale on me. Slappy.

Slappy is my nemesis. Slappy loves me. Loves to sing and swim and make me cry. Slappy is an evil fucking paddle that looks like a whale. It has made me scream ‘Nonononononono!’ and so I don’t meet slappy often.

I took several hard hits from the lil’ whale and there were definite tears in my eyes when Cute-as-in stopped. I was hit with all manner of evil and I was wriggling and screaming and leaping upright very akin to my dear bottom Ben earlier in the evening. That similarity didn’t pass me by without a smirk.

Cute-as-Sin did finish off with my favourite –the claw hammer. Yes, gentle reader, I mean the kind you hammer nails into a wall with. And yes, it feels really, really, really good. Both ends in fact. Even when my darling friend dug the claw end into the sweet spot under my buttock and lifted it up…I roared both times (it’s gotta be equal, right?) and lay in a happy, contented flop when we were finished.

The ol’ switcharoo.

It’s a beautiful thing. To see and experience both sides of the coin. I look forward to more experiences of top and bottom. There’s still so much out there to explore.


Image taken moments after Cute-as-Sin beating