The Next Best Thing Blog Hop Halloween Style!

Welcome to my entry on the Next Big Thing Blog Hop, I was tagged by the lovely Sharon Kleeve.Now it’s my turn!

1. What is the title of your latest book?

Fulfill Me.


2. Where did the idea come from for the book?

I wrote the book, well, 50 thousand words of it back in 2006 for NaNoWriMo. The idea sparked off when I either read or saw something related to stalking. I wanted to have my main female character stalk the object of her affections. I also wanted much hilarity and hijinks to ensue as she tries to meet, talk and seduce him for the first time. That’s how the initial idea for Fulfill Me was created. I added more twists as I went along, though.

3. What genre does your book fall under?
It is contemporary erotic romance with strong BDSM overtones. There are both Femdom and Male Dom scenes in the book.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Gah,I am always useless at answering these questions! I need a blode with attitude and curves for Caitlyn, I wonder if Martine McCutcheon would dye her hair for the role?


James Van Der Beek (Dawson from Dawson’s Creek)would make a great Nick but who could play Mike? I know, Adam Sandler! Perfect.

5. What is blurb for your book?

Caitlyn is out to get what she wants and she desperately wants Nick Casey, Star of Dobsons Digs the biggest soap on TV. She will do anything to get into his life but one thing, one person always stops her. His annoying yet handsome PA Mike.

But there is more to Nick and to Mike than she could ever have first imagined. She ends up on a journey from one side of BDSM to the complete opposite and all the time she’s just looking for the man who can make her whole.

6. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

A month. But I didn’t finish it. I finished the whole thing earlier this year. In total I think it will have taken around 3 months to write but that spans 6 years in total!

7. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

That’s really difficult as you don’t often get the mix of femdom and male dom in BDSM books. So you read it and tell me who’s style it reminds you of. Yes, that is the cop out answer, sorry!

8. Who or What inspired you to write this book?

My husband is my inspiration for all my writing. NaNoWriMo was the catalyst. The rest all just came from the depths of my dirty little mind!

9. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

FulFill me is filled with humour and hot sex. As it is Halloween today I will share a snippet from the Harbottle’s Halloween Masque ball where Caitlyn dresses up as a whore, like the ones you see in the olkd Westerns. While in costume she meets her perfect match, a mysterious cowboy!

Whilst stood in the corner sipping at a glass of water a cowboy slips by me, his hand rests briefly on my hip and I catch a hint of a sweet citrus smell. I decide it’s worth playing a little with this one, so I spin around and meet him eye to eye.

“You can’t touch, what you’ve not paid for, you dirty rotten good fer nothing’ cowpoke. Just ‘cos I’m a whore doesn’t mean I’m easy you know!”

He smiles sardonically. His lips lifting at the corners and making his eyes sparkle under the wide, black sash across them. His face is further shadowed by the wide brim of his dark brown and battered cowboy hat.

“Well, excuse me Ma’am. I was just being friendly like, are you always this mean to potential customers?” his hand rests on his hip, as the elbow of his other arm rests on the bar. His body is bent towards me, one knee directed right at my crotch.

“No, but I’m always this mean to men who touch without asking a lady’s permission first.”

“I’ll remember that in future ma’am.” He grins, his fake American accent stretched, but still sounded pretty convincing. I like the look he has too, faded blue jeans, brown cowboy type boots and a plain, midnight black shirt, open at the collar.

“Good.” I nod curtly then sidle up beside him, rubbing my body along the length of his. “Now, buy me a drink, and we can talk about this potential custom of yours.”

“Oh, so now you’re friendly enough. What would you like to drink darlin’?”

“Scotch, on the rocks.” I reply, keeping to my character, and getting in some extra American Dutch courage. Knocking back the whiskey in one go might have been a bad decision though. I’m glad I went with the waterproof mascara tonight. “Are you alright, darlin’?” He pats me on the back, as I splutter and pushes over a glass to me.

“Yep, it just went down the wrong way.” I smile crookedly and take a sip of the proffered water.

“I thought so.” The mysterious cowboy comments a smirk lingering over his lips. “Now then, what are your rates?”

“Oh well, I’m quite expensive, but I am very good value for money. I’ve never received any complaints.”

“That’s good because I don’t buy no cheap rubbish you know, I like quality. I like to buy something I know will last.” He grins once more and I smile sweetly back.

“No worries there, love. I can last as long as you need me too and longer no doubt.”

He laughs out loud startling the rotund vampire behind him and making me chuckle too. Something about this guy is really hitting all my spots, and I’m pretty certain that’s not just the scotch talking.

“Well, I’m definitely interested in making a purchase. Now, where do I go to get my goods?” His hand slips onto my arm and rests just above my elbow, I press closer to him.

“Well, I don’t think we’ll be able to get a room in this establishment, where would you suggest?”

“ I’m resting my horse not far from here, and I have what I think would be a comfy work environment for you there within -what do you say? Wanna ride pillion with me?”

“As long as you promise to hold me tight and not let me fall.” I reply, grazing his cheek with my highly stained lips. “Fantastic.” He knocks back the end of his drink then offers his arm to me. I take it and allow him to walk me away from this little town bar, full of little town people to a place of mystery, magic and hopefully, ecstasy.

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