I love my sun dresses. I have 2 like I’m wearing in the above photo. They’re huge and only cost me 99p each around 8 years ago. They’re full of holes but oh, they’re the most comfortable things to wear on a hot day.  And of course, as any viewer of How I met Your Mother Knows, they’re the hottest item of clothing a woman can wear:


Barney Stinson: It’s a sad day in New York, Ted, a sad day indeed. You know what I saw on my way in here? A girl in a sweater. And you know what that means: the season of exposed skin is over, exactly! Gone are the tank-tops, Ted. Gone are the cute little skirts. Gone are the sundresses – the sundresses, Ted! I don’t think I can make it another eight months with no sundresses.

Barney Stinson: I’m sorry, I’ll let you work… But first, a riddle. What piece of women’s attire, most stokes a man’s desire?

Ted Mosby: A sundress.

Barney Stinson Correct! What light weight outfit, pink or white, makes the front of my slacks abnormally tight?

Ted Mosby: I really have to get this done.

Barney Stinson: Of course, of course. Sundress, by the way.

My husband definitely agrees with Barney because I always wear these dresses without a bra and when the strap slips he gets a view like this…


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