So, I was in the Independent on Saturday. No really, you didn’t know? Where’ve you been? I’ve barely spoken about anything else since, which I apologise for by the way but it’s not every day you feature in a national newspaper along with four other lovely erotica writing ladies. Read the Article online.

And the picture below is one of the ones taken by the lovely David Woolfall who’s stunning photograph got me into the newspaper in the first place.

I was really thrilled with the response to the article, not just the huge rise in visits to my blog but in the personal response I had from people who took the time to find me and tell me how the article made them feel. I was proud to be part of something that was so positive. Erotica is so often maligned, written off as being porn or just titlation but it’s not, it’s more than that. And people got that. People who aren’t other writers and readers of the genre, I’m preaching to the converted with that lovely lot, I know.

There are two particular aspects that I am particularly proud to have gotten into my Independent piece. The first being the fact I write about curvy characters. I am on the curvy side myself, I’d give you a dress size but it wouldn’t be much use as I’m a different size everywhere I shop. Let’s say I am well and truly on the plus size side of things (though surely everything over a size zero is plus sized?) and I am sexy.

I write about women and men(well one man so far in Lyrical but I plan more) with soft stomachs, big hips, pendulous boobs and a certain abundance of flesh. I write about them because I believe all people are sexy and I want to showcase a certain body type that I love. I don’t want all characters to become plus sized, variety is after all the spice of life. I just want a little balance as everyone deserves to feel sexy and to read erotica about characters who remind them of that.

The second point is something that is integral to my life. It is my faith. I’ve been a Christian since I was a child and I am very active in my local church. I pray, I read my bible and I am a terrible Christian because I am human and that means I’ll never manage to be as good as I’m meant to be. I do try, though. It’s a good job God’s love is unconditional…

Anyway, all the above does not mean I can’t write erotica. No, really. I am sure there’s many people who would argue vehemently to the contrary but I am confident that God loves sex. He invented it after all. The journalist who did some work on the article asked me quite specifically about my faith and my accidental ‘coming out’ to the vicar. One of the questions she asked was how did I justify threesomes and sex with vampires and werewolves to my vicar and to myself?

I’m glad to say I haven’t had to have THAT conversation with my vicar, but I have asked the same question of myself many a time and basically I have decided that I will use my own moral compass until I hear something different from the big man upstairs. I have asked on many occasions if I’m doing the right thing. Every time I ask I get brilliant publishing news not long after. I’m taking that as an indication that God is actually quite all right with what I write.

Afterall it is sex and sex is fun and lovely and intimate and I like to think that the way I write it makes it romantic too.

So in conclusion, I’m a happy plus sized Christian who writes smut. Any questions?