The life of an erotica writer is generally not as glamorous as people think. Mostly I’m sat in my chair, tip tapping at the keys and writing. Research these days tends to involve a quick google search, possibly a trip to the library but generally that’s as exciting as it gets.

Not on Friday the 13th. Unlucky for some but flippin’ fantastic for me. I got to go and do some really intriguing research at Club Lash in Manchester.  I will admit I was very nervous in the run up to the event. I didn’t have a clue what to expect. I was very glad that my husband would be my escort for the night and a very handsome one he made too. He was mauled by three ladies (who were definitely merry) before we even got to Club Lash. I don’t blame’em. Look at how handsome he is in a suit!



We were mirror images of each other on the night, his outfit black with hints of red and mine red with hints of black. I loved my dress, purchased especially for me for the evening by Mr Blisse. I’m a Lucky gal!



So we made our way to Bangkok Bar and arrived pretty much bang on 10pm, when the Club opens. We were greeted by very friendly staff and I felt instantly more relaxed. We got a drink, pulled up a sofa and watched the world go by. Neither of us really knew what to expect so we stayed near the dancefloor and eyed the white curtain that separated us from the viewing and play areas with anticipation and a little apprehension.

I didn’t feel like there was any pressure to go anywhere or do anything. My overwhelming impression of the whole Club Lash experience was that of being relaxed and able to do whatever I wanted to do. You could spend the whole evening dancing or sitting with a group of friends chatting or you could indulge in the many delights behind the divide.  I felt at home, amongst people who were happy to be their own unique selves.

The outfits we saw were brilliant. Lots of latex and fluffy tutus but there were hairy feet (no, really!), military uniforms, gorgeous fur coats and elegant dresses too. And beautiful long legs in stockings. I was especially jealous of one guy in black stockings and shiny black heels, he had amazing legs!

And at one point I did think I was stood in the middle of an eighties music video shoot and that was pretty cool. Actually, talking of the eighties, there was a great mix of music from pop to dance and back again. Lots of recent hits and ones from further back as well. I even had a bit of a boogie myself, I do love to dance.

It was only when the lovely Jay JW and his equally as lovely girlfriend Bea Noir arrived that we got a bit braver. Those two are great fun and there’s safety in numbers so together we wandered past the dancefloor and onwards…



Well, I wished I had a million eyes so I could look at everything at once…and that was just the equipment! Wow, I don’t even know the names for some of the gorgeous wooden beasts but I’ll find out. That’s my mission for the next event. I was a bit overawed this time and busy taking it all in. The questions came to mind once I got home. The Dungeon was provided by  Roissy Workshops North, and it looked beautiful. I want to get up close and personal with it all…and not necessarily in a kinky way, you pervs. I want to feel and stroke and…well okay, moving on. *coughs* Before I get carried away.

A very lovely gentleman named Mike showed the four of us some brilliant knots. It was incredibly entertaining watching Bea tie Jay up with  a wicked glint in her eye! I will also be using that newly acquired knowledge in my future stories and probably in other ways too, but I won’t mention that, it’ll make the husband blush.

I’ve always thought that the power of imagination means you don’t need to experience everything to write about it. I still think that’s true but I think that experiencing certain things can enhance your writing. I know that I’ll be using the  sounds, sights  and smells from my evening at Club Lash to really add depth to my work.

After a sit and a chat back by the dance floor Bea and Jay went their separate ways and me and the Mr got brave. We could see glimpses of what was going on in the play space and wanted to you know, get a better look, for research purposes of course!



The equipment which had been bare and exciting last time we went in was in use and incredibly fascinating. The room was full of people watching and chatting. Couples snuggled close (I admit I needed to hold on to Kev for support, my knees went a bit wobbly) and groups laughing and nodding.

I didn’t know where to look, I wanted to take it all in at once. Even when we decided to sit down for a while and we were enveloped by the crowds of watchers I was still very much stimulated by what was going on. I could hear the hit of implements on flesh, thwacks and slaps and thuds and other more unexpected noises, squeaks and creaks, splatters and  cascades. There were the sounds of those receiving and those giving and a smell and a heat that was very specific to that place. Musk and sweet drinks, wood and perfume.

I was in an erotica writer’s paradise and my brain went into overdrive.

We did leave a little early, very aware that we would have to be at the Alternative and Burlesque fair with the Smut UK Stall a few short hours later. I would have loved to stay longer though, and next time we will.

Yes, there will definitely be a next time. There’s lots more I want to do, questions I want to ask, outfits I want to wear. The March theme is Kinky Cosplay  and I’m already plotting my costume for it! Put the 14th March in your diary and I’ll see you there.  On the 11th April there’s Hollywood Glamour night as a big celebration of Lash’s 17th Birthday too, that sounds fun, I know just what I’m going to wear.

Talking of clothing, you do have to make an effort for Lash but as long as you look smart, sexy and fabulous they’ll let you in. These are the guidelines from their facebook page:

Dress Code: Leather, rubber, PVC, lingerie, cross-dressing and character dressing (e.g. as a doctor, or school ma’am) kinky, fancy, Glam, Goth, drag, retro, where your imagination takes you. Character dressing is often the least expensive option, and we encourage this through giving each night a different theme. Stripping to the waist is fine, but full frontal nudity is not permitted. Dress to impress – no effort, no entry!

So, as you can see there’s  a lot of scope there. Also there’s facilities where you can get changed if you’re not up to wearing your chosen attire on the bus/train ride into Manchester and a cloakroom facility for all those things you don’t want to carry around with you all night.



My education merely started on my first night at Club Lash. I got a taste for it and have more to explore next time I go, more to experience, more to join in with. Yay!

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