The Colour of Friendship and Pain


Royal Blue crop,
tipped with leather
Vibrating the air with a swish,
that warns before it hits
vibrating fear and want along my spine.
anticipation and hit.
Red stripes
from blue cane.
Radiating warmth,
blooming agony,
and exploding ecstasy.
I wiggle and writhe
roll over and squeal
but the hits continue
as I turn the air blue
with curses.
Breast, belly, thigh.
hip, butt, back.
Unerringly aimed
to give the most pain
in the same goddamn spot
again and again.
So I roll away,
for a moment’s relief.
But it doesn’t stop, it never stops,
and I laugh
and I cry
and I roll and I plead
as the reds turn to purples and blues.
I hate it.
Blue I love it.
the colour of friendship and pain.
The birthday gift given
to you
to give back to me time and again.

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