The Climax #30DayOrgasmFun


Today is the last day of 30 Day Orgasm fun, awwww. So here’s my last week (and a day) of orgasms.



Not an orgasm had as I had a headache that just wouldn’t go away. I just didn’t have the energy to go for it. I think this was the longest period of the month without an orgasm


Orgasm #54 #55, #56 and #57

I woke up horny and surprised myself with a manual multiple. I rarely come more than once when using my fingers to masturbate, so the rolling 3 was very pleasantly unexpected! As often happens after a break, I was horny all day. So had a bit of afternoon delight with my amazing husband. Another orgasm achieved, yay!

Friday and Saturday 

No orgasms. Again, busy days and a worn out V, I just wasn’t in the mood. Plus I had lots of sex Thursday. It seemed to carry me over.



Orgasm #58

I had a rubbish night’s sleep, filled with anxiety dreams. So when I woke, I decided to masturbate to lift my mood. It did the trick. It was maybe a little harder to achieve, just me and my fingers, but the release was explosive and very much needed.


Orgasms #59-#69

Okay, so it was a multiple orgasm situation and I’m not 100% sure how many I had but it was in double figures…so when you have the opportunity to say you had 69 orgasms during 30 Day Orgasm fun, you gotta take it, right?

Now, After a Sunday afternoon full of kinky, beaty fun (more details coming soon) I have a very sore butt and a couple of sore bite marks on my boobs. I was unable to stop smiling, enjoying the pain with every step. When I got in from doing the food shop I headed straight in for husband snuggles. That turned into sex. Hot fucking sex, being eaten to orgasm sex (with added butt punching fun) and mutual masturbation sex.  Lots of orgasms. I am such a pain slut.



I have thoroughly enjoyed joining in with 30 Day Orgasm fun, so many thanks to the wonderful Tabitha for starting it all off. It’s been a journey of discovery. Yes, I think I am happier, healthier and altogether more content when I’m getting regular orgasms. I also find it easier to have multiple orgasms the more regularly I’m indulging in sex with hubs or myself.

Will I keep it up? I don’t know if I’ll manage an orgasm a day, but you know, I’m going to try to prioritise it. I think it makes a difference. Orgasms are powerful.

Victoria Blisse

Victoria Blisse is known as the Queen of Smut, Reverend to the kinky and is the Writer in Residence at Cocktails and Fuck Tales. She’s also an angel. Ask anyone. Mancunian Odd Duck, her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories along with her own particular brand of humour and romance that bring laughs and warm fuzzies in equal measure. Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

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  • What a wonderful climax Victoria! I adore how you took to this with absolute gusto! 69??? Utter perfection – I couldn’t be more proud, or happy! x x x thank you for joining in x

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